Microcannulas Filler Botox Cosmetic Facial Surgery Wholesale Prices Launched

An online medical supply store has launched Microcannulas. They are blunt ended and feature several benefits over a sharp needle. They are very useful for injecting filler around the eyes.

Face Medical Supply has launched a line of Microcannula for facial treatments of Botox. Aesthetic cannulas have become more popular over recent years, particularly for more extensive and sensitive regions of the face.

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The launch of these blunt tip needles for patients needing filler treatments gives doctors a better choice than the sharp needles that have been traditionally been used. Relatively recently, the use of Microcannula (or micro-cannula) has been introduced as a preferred method for the injection of fillers.

This innovative method has been quickly gaining popularity among leading cosmetic clinics and doctors. Unlike traditional needles that are stiff and have a sharp tip to penetrate the skin, Microcannulas are flexible and have a blunt tip. Instead of piercing through the tissues, the cannula opens up its path between the anatomic structures of the skin.

This line of Microcannula for filler injection offers several advantages over conventional needles including precision, minimum downtime, more dependable technique, tremendous flexibility, minimized risk of bleeding and bruising, and less discomfort.

The microcannulas being offered by Face Medical Supply creates a small entry point in the skin using a fine sharp needle. This is a vital step since the Microcannula has a blunt tip and is incapable to penetrate the skin by itself. The entry point is very small and superficial and does not cause substantial pain or bleeding.

The doctor then inserts the Microcannula into the small opening and glides it under the skin to reach the sections needing a filler. The Microcannula slides through the spaces present between the tissues, it can be moved under the skin without creating any injuries to the tissues, and the patients usually do not feel any pain as the doctor guides it under their skin.

The new needles can deliver dermal filler and minimize the possibility of inflammation and bruising post-treatment. These cannulas push past the vessels, causing less trauma beneath the skin and, consequently, less likelihood of bruising post-treatment.

These microcannulas also avoid vascular occlusion. Doctors are reporting that the microcannulas are particularly safe around higher-risk regions around the eye. The cannulas being offered won’t tear any blood vessels in this sensitive region, which makes it less likely to cause any severe complications.

Another feature that sets traditional needles and these cannulas apart is that they are significantly longer and extra flexible. The length and flexibility of the cannula allow for smoother, consecutive delivery of filler, in areas such as the jawline.

They can also be a desirable solution for patients who are apprehensive about needles since there’s only one injection site. Finally, this line of cannulas require fewer insertion points as they stretch further under the skin, this reduces the level of pain substantially.

The launch of this line of Microcannulas gives practitioners a variety of sizes to use on their patients needing a facial filler.

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