Micro-Content & Repurposed Video For Coaches – Brand Awareness Services Launched

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A social media agency based in Boca Raton, Florida launches a service that allows businesses to create short clips for video marketing out of their existing footage.

DFY Unlimited launches a new service for businesses looking to maximize the potential of their existing videos for marketing. The Florida-based agency offers a range of social media solutions, including a service that turns a single video into multiple pieces of micro content for authority-building.

More information can be found at https://dfyunlimited.com/repurpose-content

The newly launched service allows businesses to harness the various benefits of video marketing without the need to shoot or take new videos specifically for that purpose.

As the agency’s experts point out, the world now consumes online video content at a rate of one million minutes for every second. Many brands, however, are unable to simply launch their own video marketing campaign to capitalize on this trend because of the associated time and financial investments.

DFY Unlimited’s new service overcomes these challenges as it makes use of videos that the businesses may already have, including coaching sessions, stage talks, and Facebook live streams. True to their name, the “done-for-you” agency takes care of the legwork involved in the production and sifts through up to 60 minutes of raw footage to find materials that can be used for marketing.

The work results in 30-60 second clips featuring highlights of the raw videos, professionally edited to be engaging for the businesses’ potential customers. The bite-sized revamped videos are optimal for posting on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other video marketing platforms.

DFY Unlimited guides their clients throughout all stages of the process and accompanies their output with a detailed micro content and video strategy. The social media agency simply asks their clients to review and approve the clips for publishing and they handle the rest of the process.

With their latest announcement, the agency enables businesses to improve their online presence and brand authority through expertly repurposed marketing videos.

A representative from the agency states, “The longer it takes your audience to know, like, and trust you, the longer it takes to gain them as clients or customers. Video is the perfect way to shortcut this process. Being seen and heard raises your credibility. Sharing great info increases your authority as the ‘go-to’ expert.”

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting https://dfyunlimited.com/repurpose-content

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