Mick’s Exterminating is a high-quality extermination company in the busy season

Mick's Exterminating is a great extermination option during the summertime. In warm weather, many pests come out and it's important to have an extermination company that delivers quality services.

St. Louis, Missouri (June 28th, 2018)- Mick’s Exterminating promises to deliver top notch extermination solutions while getting the job done as quickly as possible. The warmer weather of the end of spring and summertime means the busy season for the extermination field. With a lot of job opportunities, some companies can rush jobs in order to fit in as many clients as possible. Jobs done too quickly means that there is potential to miss some pests or that they do not put in enough preventative measures to stop the pests from coming back. This is where Mick’s is different. Mick’s gets phenomenal feedback and ratings because they bring both excellency and efficiency to the table.

In the wintertime, many pests hole up in order to try to beat the cold. As soon as warm weather roles around, these bugs or vermin begin to come out of their nests and you can find them crawling around your home. Termites, for example, begin to work on their colonies in late spring and early summertime and so you may spot them wandering around your bedroom. This time of year is also when there is a boom in bed bug infestations because families travel to many new places and then bring bed bugs back home with them. The list can go on, with spiders, ants, moles and more all being common summertime pests.

Since 1973, Mick’s Exterminating has been a trustworthy extermination company to a large variety of customers. This company is successful because they understand that “one-size fits all” is not a viable motto when exterminating pests. This is especially true because they work in the rapidly changing St. Louis weather as well as with both commercial properties and personal homes. Mick’s exterminating services are available all over the St. Louis area including St. Charles County and Lincoln County. To learn about the specific services Mick’s Exterminating offers, check out their website or visit their Facebook page for exterminating tips.

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