Michigan Google Search Expert/Digital Marketing SEO Specialist Service Announced

Michigan based digital marketing experts, Local Marketing Source, have announced they can help local clients to boost their web presence & legally steal customers from competitor's buisness. It offers a range of strategies to get more leads, increase visitors and boost sales.

Local Marketing Resource has announced that it can help clients in any niche to boost their online web presence through a range of digital marketing services.

The expert team at Local Marketing Resource offers web design services, lead generation options, social media engagement, mobile friendly content creation, SEO services and more.

The company explains they pride itself on its proprietary platforms for boosting a local business’ online presence, social approval & high quality service.

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The highly trained social agency team works hard to get the best results for its clients, and ensures that each business it works with has a custom tailored strategy to meet the goals of the business & best ROI.

One of the things that separates the Michigan/Florida digital marketing specialist from its competition is the new & recently released proprietary stealth lead generation platform.

The new stealth technology sniper focus’ & captures the highest quality potential client by placing the business’ information exactly when & where the target needs their services the most.

The business chooses a targeted area (which may happen to be the competitor’s business), the target is captured, instantly marketed too while they are visiting the target area.

What makes our platform unique & the only platform available of it’s kind we developed a combination of hyper mobile technology with geo-fencing. We call it Geo-Conquesting because it retargets the mobile devices and cross morkets to laptops & desktops without using an app.

The ultimate result after the target visits the business who targeted them is it shows as a conversion from the targeting efforts. This action/result alone eclipses any Geo Lead System on the market today.

John Pickett, Regional Sales stated “It is proprietary stealth technology that is an epic change for serious local businesses wanting the latest competitive edge in lead generation & it’s only available through Local Marketing resource”.

Where all other geo lead systems fail is they can not show conversions from their marketing campaign effort. Any business who operates off lead a system must know the results to analyze & see the performance of a campaign.

They have no method to tell where the potential customer came from when they where captured or how many conversions resulted from the geo campaign itself. The new stealth technology does that and more.

It’s 100% legal & ethical resulting in the highest quality buyer’s lead typically captured from the competition’s business or just prior to needing that business’ product/service.

All the customer does is visit the target area and neither the person who is captured or the owner of the targeted areas know they were under surveillance They walk in and we capture the phone for marketing any message and for as long as we like.

Some firms specialize in one or two areas, but the professional team at Local Marketing Resource can help with every aspect of running a successful marketing campaign.

Pickett also stated, “Our case studies show the Geo-Conquesting, reduces PPC advertising costs & provides the highest quality buyer ready to make a purchase. This is due to targeting the person just before they need your service/product the most & it’s 1000 X’s better than anyone clicking an ad online.”

This means that anyone in Michigan looking to get more high quality local customers, more business through Social Media and Google, can get in touch for the best service. The company is a specialist in online marketing for local businesses.

Local businesses particularly enjoy the revitalization of dead FaceBook business pages nurturing the existing customers driving them back into the business buying more-more often. Creating a strong online recommendation from each customer when they visit is the missing link to making engagement work on social media.

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Finally seeing engagement that has been missing on the page for so very long creates a long term relationship with clients and they’re amazed. This allows businesses in any niche to grow their business in the most effective way, and ensure a strong online presence.

It also allows site owners to make the best first impression when someone lands on their page, which is crucial in today’s marketing climate. Research shows that most people looking for a business immediately go to reviews & ratings to see how the company has treated previous customers.

Local Marketing Resource starts with searching the internet for any business’ online foundational assets to see their current online presence. This provides a 7 page detailed snapshot report exposing the good bad and ugly.

They then are able analyze what needs to be created enhanced monitored and protected to build a strong foundation for the business’ online virtual doorway. Doing so means success a strong first impression is likely and eclipsing the competition will happen sooner.

More information can be found at: http://LocalMarketingResource.com

Local Marketing Source has been recognized by ABC CBS NBC FOX & other media outlets as a specialist in local business marketing. Full details can be found on the website or contact them directly by email or FaceBook.

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