Michigan Buyer agent Rich O’Neal Wins Wolverine Home Buyer Savings Award

The National Home Buyer's Association honored Rich O'Neal with the Wolverine Savings Award for Rich's effort to help a home purchaser a very challenging purchase.. More information is available at https://BuyersAgentAnnArbor.com

Buyer agent Rich O’Neal was honored by the National Home Buyers Association with the Wolverine Savings Award for Rich’s efforts in helping a home purchaser work through an unusually complicated transaction and eventually close while achieving a substantial savings.

The National Home Buyer’s Association gives this special Wolverine Savings Award for tenacity and perseverance in helping home buyer’s in a transaction.

The Wolverine Savings Award is specifically for transactions that are unusually complicated or that take significantly more research, investigation, and diplomacy. This specific award relates to a home that was determined to be in a flood zone, had attic mold issues, was on a double lot, and had a very difficult seller.

Jonathan Boyd, Managing Broker for Rich at The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor said: “In his duties as an exclusive buyer’s agent Rich has repeatedly shown his excellence at providing a high level of communication, negotiation, and investigation skills. He’s also liked and admired by both buyer clients and our other agents and staff. These are all qualities The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor holds in especially high regard..”

“Rich O’Neal is a fantastic worker with a great attitude. He works diligently to help home buyers and is a very professional in his interactions with other vendors involved in his home purchases. Every day he shows that he really cares about finding solid homes for home buyers then working to protect those buyers throughout the transaction.” Boyd concluded.

The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor is the oldest Exclusive Buyer’s Agency in the state of Michigan and has helped hundreds of home buyers save millions of dollars on their home purchases. Since Exclusive Buyer Agents only represent home buyers and never sellers, these companies avoid the conflicts of interest of traditional real estate companies and offer home buyers 100% loyalty. In addition it is one of the few brokerages in Michigan that meets the standards set forth by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. (NAEBA.Org). The standard setting organization for buyer’s agents.

The National Home Buyer’s Association’s two goals are to: 1. Help home buyers choose better buyer agents, and 2. To award buyers agents around the country for professional achievement.

More information about the Wolverine Savings Award and winners of this award are available at NationalHomeBuyersAssociation.Org

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