Michael Irwin from Pivotal Homes Makes Generous Donation to Salvation Army

Pivotal Homes' Michael Irwin recently donated an undisclosed but substantial amount (rumoured to be around $50,000) to help Queensland's Gold Coast Recovery Services, a service supported by The Salvation Army.

Michael Irwin from Pivotal Homes recently donated an undisclosed but substantial amount – rumoured to be around $50,000 – to help Queensland’s Gold Coast Recovery Services, a service supported by The Salvation Army.

Pivotal Homes’ Michael Irwin says he’s always admired the The Salvation Army and the work they do helping Gold Coast Recovery Services. He said they’re thrilled to be able to give to an organisation that has given so much and done so much good over the years.

“I consider it an honour to be able to support the Salvos and the Gold Coast Recovery Services this way. Most Australians have so much to be grateful for, but there also many who struggle every day with mental health and alcoholism. Thanks to the Salvos’ care and passion for those less fortunate Aussies, and with support from the local business community, it’s exciting to see real differences being made in these people’s lives.”

Michael Irwin said anyone who purchases Investment Properties from Pivotal Homes will now know they’re not only getting a great way to generate short-term tax breaks and long-term wealth, they’ll also be helping the Salvation Army and other similar charities supported by the construction company.

Committed to his community, Michael Irwin has also donated to other worthy causes over the years including previous Salvation Army appeals, the Preston Campbell Appeal and more.

From talking with Michael Irwin, it was clear he preferred his privacy to the spotlight. It can be confirmed that a $40,000 donation was reportedly made to the Salvos by Michael Irwin in May 2016, according to Ocean Road Magazine. Many times Michael’s donations are made anonymously, with no photo or video to record the event, as he quietly contributes to the community he services – making this press release something of a rare occasion.

Pivotal Homes was founded in 2006 and provides investment properties for local and interstate investors. It is known for transparency of services, quality construction and ongoing customer service. Dozens of testimonials can be found on the Pivotal Homes website which support the quality of the company’s work ethics.

Readers wishing to learn more can visit the Pivotal Homes website.

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