Miami Water Damage Restoration Leads & Mold Remediation Lead Service Launched

Advertising Moguls Inc. launches an innovative service that allows Miami-based full service water restoration and mold remediation companies to get exclusive and live phone calls from leads.

Miami-based company Advertising Moguls Inc. launches a revolutionary service to allow water restoration, water removal, and mold remediation companies to get more highly qualified leads. By signing up for the service, restoration companies get exclusive access to live phone calls from people who are seeking their expertise.

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The newly launched service employs a simple sign-up process. Restoration companies just need to pay for the number of phone calls they wish to order and let Advertising Moguls Inc. do the lead generation work for them. As with many other services available online, payments can be made through credit card.

As the phone calls come in, they are forwarded to the restoration companies with active orders for leads. Advertising Moguls Inc. directs each call to just one client, as opposed to 99% other providers who give their leads to about five different companies. They also drive phone calls only in the water restoration industry.

The nature of service inquiries and requests that companies may expect highly varies from one phone call to another. The most common concerns include emergency water repair, water and flood damage, flood clean-up, drying and restoration, full service restoration, mold remediation, and dehumidifying.

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To ensure client satisfaction, Advertising Moguls Inc. offers a guarantee that all calls delivered to their clients are qualified and exclusive. Otherwise, clients may resort to the review process where they can listen to recordings of the phone calls in dispute and get credits for the ones that are not qualified. The credits are equivalent to the amount that the clients were charged for the disputed calls.

Water damage restoration companies who wish to know more about the lead provider may log on to the above-mentioned URL. The website also contains samples of water damage and mold remediation phone call recordings.

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