Miami Plumber Recognized as Advocate for Professional Gas Line Installation

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Miami, Florida based Eco 1 Plumbing stresses importance of avoiding catastrophes such as gas leaks, fire hazards, explosions and other dangerous outcomes.

Eco 1 Plumbing, a Miami-Dade area-based professional plumbing services business serving Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Brickell and beyond, has become recognized by the local community as an advocate for professional gas line installation, the company stressing the importance of avoiding catastrophes like gas leaks, possible fire hazards and other dangerous outcomes.

“Handling gas appliances or systems that use gas can be incredibly dangerous, and homeowners should not tackle the task alone,” says Norberto Borgeat, owner of Eco 1. “It’s vital to hire a licensed and skilled professional to complete the task safely and in an up-to-code manner. Not only do licensed professionals possess the knowledge and tools to complete the job, they are also legally certified.

“We always ask the treasured members of our community to avoid running the risk of damaging their home or their family’s comfort, and to call on us here at Eco 1 for all their gas line projects.”

Borgeat and other Eco 1 plumbing company representatives stress to all those planning a gas pipe installation that they need to consider a variety of factors before they begin. Because gas lines run under and through a home, owners should be extremely cautious whenever they must alter or update their gas appliances, with Eco 1 Plumbing staff recommending three critical factors to take into consideration when thinking about gas line installs – trusting professionals, checking the pipes and choosing new appliances.

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“Gas pipes are susceptible to corrosion and other problems as the years pass, and a licensed professional will check these pipes when they arrive at a site,” adds Borgeat. “Even still, homeowners can assess their gas pipes by using a flashlight to check the lines for visible issues and bring anything they may see to the attention of the technician when he or she arrives. For those customers living in older homes, we often recommend they check their pipes for visible damage on a yearly basis.”

Homeowners that use natural gas for their oven or stove, say Eco 1 reps, can try hooking their appliances to their home’s heater system, with a variety of excellent and efficient gas appliances on the market, from gas-powered laundry machines to gas furnaces. Sometimes, the company points out, it’s just time to add new appliances to a home, and this is an area in which Eco 1 boasts a plethora of experience.

“We service and install a variety of gas appliances including water heaters, dryers, furnaces, stoves, generators, pool heaters and more,” says Borgeat.

According to Eco 1 technicians, there is actually a good deal in common with the plumbing system that carries fresh and wastewater and the piping that transfers natural gas, with the pipes themselves made from similar material – whether that’s galvanized steel, copper or plastic. Further, most natural gas piping is constructed from copper due to its resistance to corrosion and its lightweight properties; gas plumbing professionals use plastic pipes in certain situations, such as when flexible piping is needed for small areas or narrow gas lines.

“Well-trained plumbers understand it is essential to ensure that gas pipes get just as much attention and care as other plumbing pipes, as gas pipe leaks can be dangerously unhealthy,” concludes Borgeat.

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