Miami House Painters Stress Importance of Proficient Exterior Painting

Miami-Based, Florida Painting Company, prepares residential and commercial customers for everything from weather conditions to power washing and sand blasting when house painting.

Florida Painting Company, a Dade area-based organization boasting more than 10 years of offering affordable painting and drywall services, has been stressing to existing and prospective customers the importance of proficient outside painting, preparing them for everything from weather conditions to power washing and sand blasting when it comes time to begin projects.

According to representatives of the company, ensuring the exterior of a home or business has been properly prepped prior to applying a new coat of paint is paramount – just as it is when painting the interior of a structure. Owners will also want to check for optimum weather conditions for the duration of the painting project, as this will have direct impact on drying times, moisture considerations and more.

Depending on the type of material a home or business is made of, say FPC reps, owners may also need to have it power washed or sand blasted, two methods that essentially achieve the same goal and which differ from pressure washing only in the use of fine grit particles instead of water. Sand blasting remains an excellent way to prep an exterior structure for a fresh smooth coat of paint, yielding a crisper and cleaner-looking finished product.

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In keeping with its theme of educating customers on the importance of proficient exterior painting, FPC cites the fact that exterior paint, at its most elemental, protects a home or business by providing it an extra layer against harsh weather, animals and other elements that can invade the architecture and penetrate the walls. Exterior paint can also protect a structure’s siding against the wind and sun to preserve the life of exterior walls; instead of ice and snow finding their way through the cracks of the paint and into a home’s structure to create problems like mold, rotting and dampness, say FPC reps, exterior paint adds an extra level of protection to keep out unwanted creatures and conditions.

“What is known as curb appeal is incredibly important to a home’s value, especially when it is on the market, and even the oldest, cruddiest house can be transformed by nothing more than a fresh coat of paint,” explains Sebastian Bednarski, owner of FPC. “We often tell customers that if they have a limited budget to put into the updating of their home or business’ curb appeal, exterior paint is definitely the way to get the most bang for their buck.”

FPC painter personnel also stress that paint can give a home or business a personality – colors can be chosen which represent personal style or which fit with the architectural style, age or location of a structure to provide it a jaw-dropping look unlike anything else. When done properly, say company spokespeople, exterior paint is also a great way to highlight architectural details of a home to give it more visual interest.

“Even if a home is exactly the same design as a neighbor’s, fresh paint and trim colors can provide it more dimension and make it the star of the block,” concludes Bednarski.

FPC handles everything from interior painting to general house painting and even apartment painting. The painting services business is located at 555 NE 15th Street PHG (34G) and can be reached by calling (786) 724-4880. For more information visit their above listed website.

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