Miami Gardens Automatic Temperature Screening Safety Kiosk Launched

A newly launched automatic temperature screening device has been launched by Hanson ProSystems. It helps to keep customers, staff and suppliers safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Hanson ProSystems has launched a new temperature sensing kiosk device for businesses in any field. It’s ideally suited to companies wanting to protect their staff, customers and clients as they return to work following the effects of the pandemic.

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The newly launched Facial Access Control Temperature Sensing Kiosk is specially designed to quickly and accurately assess temperature.

It offers fully automated temperature sensing, facial recognition, face mask recognition and access control. The no-contact kiosk allows anyone to automatically read temperature and detect whether the prospect in question has an elevated temperature indicating the possibility of being infected with COVID-19.

The kiosks are designed to provide a safe environment for employees, customers and visitors. It’s designed for businesses in any sector, and is beneficial for corporate buildings, office spaces, warehouses, airports, hotels, schools, buses, and any retail organization.

Kiosk models include the F.A.C.T.S Wall Mount, the Desktop solution, 24” Floor Stand, and 43” Floor Stand. This provides clients with a wide choice for implementation of the device.

Returning to work in the current environment is very difficult for many businesses. Companies across the US are closing down and the pandemic raises concerns on all fronts.

However, with cutting-edge technology like the temperature sensing kiosk, returning to work is made simpler. The device allows businesses to open sooner, protect their workers, and keep visitors and suppliers safe.

The newly launched screening device gives businesses the ability to quickly detect body temperature, providing real-time information on the people entering their office, site or warehouse.

The automated, easy-to-use technology makes it a seamless process and ensures staff can go about their work without undue worry. The kiosk can also help to improve public perception, because they see that the company is forward thinking with a focus on safety.

Hanson ProSystems states: “FACT! The World Has Changed! Protect Your Business with F.A.C.T.S. The no contact kiosk automatically reads temperature in seconds, with user optional facial and face mask recognition. These kiosks are designed to provide a safe environment for your employees, customers and visitors.”

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