Miami FL Wall Art Installation – Maja Taneva Wire Dragonfly Collection Launched

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Contemporary European sculptor and award-winning artist, Maja Taneva, MFA, is announcing the launch of her commercial art installation, Loneliness of a Dragonfly. Designed as a decorative interior wall hanging for small offices, the artwork is tailored to suit businesses in the Miami, Florida region.

One of the latest in a series titled Strings of Iron, Maja Taneva’s Loneliness of a Dragonfly is a 50cm x 120cm x 15cm framed composition made of strung metal wire. The commercial art installation is designed to suit reception foyers, board rooms, and private office areas.

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The recent launch of Taneva’s Loneliness of a Dragonfly offers business owners looking for unique interior décor an opportunity to purchase a distinctly original composition that makes an instant impression and sparks interest. Neutral in color, the work is an appropriate addition to all wall backgrounds and every style of business.

Loneliness of a Dragonfly is hand-strung using industrial wire rope. The composition is a pure abstract shape that plays with strength and delicateness. When draped with interior lighting, the artwork reveals transparent points and soft lines, an interesting counterpoint to its industrial steel medium. The piece delivers a sense of universal calm that also calls on the viewer to project their own story to fully appreciate the work.

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Dragonflies symbolize many dimensions of the self. They act as a reminder to individuals to shed light and joy in their lives, and to come out from the shadows. Dragonfly imagery is meant to encourage audiences to dive into their emotions and thrive in accordance with their true colors. They stimulate adaptability, creativity, and open-mindedness.

Maja Taneva was born in Skopje, North Macedonia. She attended the National Academy of Arts in Sofia where she gained her Master of Art in Sculpture. Taneva also worked as a professor in the field for many years before returning to her home-based studio to focus on her art.

Taneva’s work is currently being exhibited at the Saatchi Art platform where interested parties can view other components of her Strings of Iron series and make purchases directly from the Saatchi Art platform.

With the launch of her commercial installation, Loneliness of a Dragonfly, highly regarded European sculptor and modern artist Maja Taneva offers business owners in Miami and the wider southeast Florida region the opportunity to set their offices apart with a unique and meaningful art composition designed to evoke feelings of peace, calm, and joy.

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