Miami FL Office Wall Hanging Wire Artwork – Maja Taneva Dragonfly Series Launch

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Maja Taneva, an established Macedonian sculptor and modern artist, has announced the release of her latest wall-mounted artwork, “Loneliness of a Dragonfly.” Intended as an interior decorative piece for commercial spaces, the new installation is available for businesses throughout Miami, Florida, and nearby.

As the newest addition to her ongoing “Strings of Iron” series, Maja Taneva releases Loneliness of a Dragonfly as a delicate expression of creativity and external peace. The framed, hanging piece is shipped as a complete composition.

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The latest artwork in Taneva’s ambitious Strings of Iron project continues its themes of innovation, untangling the inherent roughness of industrial materials and creating a new form of resplendence. Loneliness of a Dragonfly unearths the beauty hiding in metallic components, with Taneva seeking to highlight the possibility of change and growth.

As a manifestation of abstractness, her composition is fashioned by hand from metal wire rope inside a dark wooden frame. The designed piece combines with interior lighting to reveal a juxtaposition between its solid steel form and diaphanous visual effect.

Miami offices and businesses can install the artwork as a unique addition to their premises, enticing colleagues and clients alike. Playing on the dragonfly as a symbol of natural beauty and light, the piece is well-suited to decorate receptions, private office spaces, and company board or conference rooms.

As an MFA graduate from the prominent National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, Maja Taneva spent years as a mainstay at sculpture studios and galleries in North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje. Her fascination with the shimmering, silvery aesthetic of industrial wire rope has given rise to artworks such as Loneliness of a Dragonfly in her expansive Strings of Iron series.

“Strings of Iron was born as a process of discovering new possibilities, learning about the straightness of a line, and the beauty of strong industrial materials,” says Maja Taneva. “I love the challenge of taking these rough materials and transforming them into shining, lifelike sculptures.”

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At present, Loneliness of a Dragonfly and her other selections are available for purchase at Saatchi Art, a global platform for up and coming artists and photographers. She further provides paintings and other artworks on commission, producing inspiring pieces in accordance with the individual desires and visions of her clients.

Interested parties in Miami and beyond are invited to visit to learn more about Maja Taneva’s full collection of contemporary sculptures and modern artworks.

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