Miami FL Body Sculpting Non Invasive Fat Reduction Muscle Growth Device Launched

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A new body contouring technology has just been launched with the goal of enabling individuals from Miami to reduce their body fat and develop their muscles quickly without resorting to surgery.

US-based company BTL Industries launches a revolutionary device for individuals in Miami, Florida looking for a quick, non-invasive body sculpting treatment. Based on clinical studies, use of the new product called Emsculpt NEO results in 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle growth on average.

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Achieving a toned body usually entails long hours of intensive workout routines coupled with strict diet plans. The newly launched product endeavors to provide an easier alternative for people who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to commit to traditional body contouring methods.

Emsculpt NEO works by simultaneously emitting both radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies in a single treatment.

The radio frequency is responsible for rapidly increasing muscle temperature by several degrees. This allows the muscles to adequately prepare for exposure to stress, similar to a pre-workout warm-up. Within four minutes of applying the device, the temperature in the subcutaneous fat reaches a point where fat cells are permanently broken down and slowly eliminated from the body.

The HIFEM+ energies, on the other hand, contract 100% of the muscle fibers in the area where the device is being applied. The extreme stress triggers the muscles to adapt, which enhances the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells. Reaching the same intensities that the device creates is not possible with voluntary workout.

Despite the expected intense results, the body sculpting technique involves a straightforward procedure. While the individual is lying down, the device is simply placed over the treatment area for 30 minutes. By default, the applications are spaced five to 10 days apart. Anyone with a BMI of up to 35 can be treated with Emsculpt NEO.

Using the device does not require the intake of any supplements, nor does it impose diet restrictions before or after the procedure. As the company states, “Emsculpt NEO treatment does not need any post or pre-preparations. You can follow your regular lifestyle right after the treatment, including proper hydration, healthy diet, and physical activity.”

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