Miami Emergency Survival Extreme Weather Disaster Protective Kits Launched

Weather Vane Survival has launched a wide range of survival items to help Americans prepare for extreme weather events. The company sells protective gear, emergency food supplies, and more.

Weather Vane Survival, a survival website based in Miami, Florida, has launched a new online shop selling survival items for power outages, food shortages, earthquakes, and other events.

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The newly launched shop provides items that help individuals prepare for the unknown and caters towards many difficult, inconvenient, or disastrous events, such as pandemics, food shortages, power outages, and evacuation scenarios.

The products also help individuals prepare for extreme and unpredictable weather events such as forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and snow and ice which may leave them stranded.

A selection of bug out bags are included on the website. A bug out bag is a curated kit that contains all the items an individual would need to survive for 72 hours. Typical items include bandages, protective gear such as gloves, and tapes.

The company also supplies bug in kits that help individuals remain safely indoors during a disastrous event. These kits typically include items such as a gas shut off tool, infectious waste bags, and port-a-potty chemicals.

A wide range of long term survival food is available at the online shop such as freeze-dried fruit kits, vegetable buckets, grab and go buckets, and more. All the food items are sealed in high-quality containers to ensure they are protected.

Customers can also find solar and electronic survival items on the site to ensure power during outages or evacuation scenarios. These items are designed to provide ongoing power without noise.

As part of the launch, customers can visit the ‘deals’ section of the website where they will find popular survival items at marked down prices. Items in this section include the 120 serving milk bucket, a 10-person first aid kit, and a 15-gallon water storage tank.

Weather Vane Survival is a company that specializes in survival products and emergency kits that help Americans prepare for the unknown. They sell items such as protective gear, Adventure meals, helmets, pouches, and more.

Their aim is to ensure individuals are protected during unpredictable events and always have emergency items within reach.

More information on Weather Vane Survival and the launch of their survival items can be found by visiting the URL above.

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