Miami Company Hiring & Retaining Talent, New Case Study: Avoiding Resignations

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Larcons-Recruitment & Consulting-Miami has published a new case study on Employee Retention, Time-To-Hire & ROI, revealing surprising data on retaining suitable candidates for tough to fill roles during uncertain times and avoid the wave of resignations predicted in the new Bankrate study.

Recruitment & Staffing Agency, Larcons-Recruitment & Consulting-Miami, has published surprising new data in their latest ExcelAg case study on Employee Retention, Time-To-Hire & ROI. Designed specifically for businesses hiring, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing businesses hiring suitable candidates for tough to fill roles and how those challenges can be overcome (and how to avoid the potential wave of resignations).

Interested parties can view the case study on the company website: and a more in depth presentation here.

The Employee Retention, Time-To-Hire & ROI case study contains credible sources that provide reliable information that can be used to make important business decisions. This concrete example of success documents the steps taken by Jorge Cepeda, CEO of ExcelAg to find an effective solution for hiring and retaining suitable candidates for tough to fill roles via professional staffing and recruitment services in Miami.

Companies around the country are experiencing low employee retention, losing their most valuable talent in uncertain times and the situation might even deteriorate in the short-term. According to a Bankrate study, 55% of Americans expect to search for a new job in the next 12 months! This new wave of resignations might hit companies unexpectedly and have serious implications in the marketplace. Companies should really focus and increasings their efforts in improving employee recruitment practices and increasing employee retention. This new case study provides some answers.

Among the information included:

Time-To-Hire, Employee Retention Rate, and ROI – Reduced Time-To-Hire from 120+ days to 32 days

Employee Retention Rate – Increase retention rate for 12 months with positions filled to 100%

ROI – increased to 333%

Jorge Cepeda, CEO of ExcelAg, Inc. a client of Larcons-Recruitment & Consulting-Miami said,

“Working with Larcons saved a lot of time for us! The candidates that Larcons delivered were the right fit. I will highly recommend Larcons!”

Professionals who need help with hire suitable candidates for tough to fill roles are invited to review the case study online watch the full case study video interview directly: and the more in depth presentation at

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