Mexico Artisan Made Boutique Launches Online and Promises to Make a Difference

A new online store featuring Mexican artisan-made apparel and accessories has been launched. Eclectic Array has a unique collection that provides sustainable opportunities for indigenous artisans.

A new online boutique for women who enjoy cultured fashion and want to impact lives has been launched. Eclectic Array works with over 300 groups of artisans in Mexico to creates unique handmade products that they feature in their 7 locations in tourist destinations in Mexico and now online.

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Previously renowned for their boutiques in exclusive locations like the Montage Los Cabos, Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo and most recently in the Four Seasons Punta Mita – the company has decided to bring the business to a global audience by building an online presence and product offering. “So many guests were wanting to continue shopping from home and continue supporting the cause, even after their vacation was over”, says founder Faryn Clark, “it was natural for them to share with their friends and family what they had discovered while in Mexico”.

The brands collections take traditional artisan crafts and transform them into modern fashion and accessories. As an example, they turned a traditional textile from a table runner and transformed it into a fun, bold pair of tennis shoes- or a traditional macrame belt that is made into a dog collar, bag strap, camera strap, yoga mat strap or more. This trend is creating massive amounts of opportunity for various communities across Mexico- especially within Chiapas and Oaxaca, even during difficult times with the pandemic. Chiapas is the southern most state of Mexico and 75% of the population is made up of indigenous artisans that are incredibly talented and creative, but these artisans need more sustainable opportunities and access to consumers that are aware of their products and techniques.

Many of these traditions are dying off as a good number of these individuals are not teaching their children something that has been a huge part of their culture and heritage, out of fear there is not enough opportunity for them to maintain their art to provide for them in the future. Eclectic Array strives to keep these traditions alive, as the mass production from overseas with fast fashion has taken away much of the local work. The company strives to bring more autonomy and work in the artisan communities all across Mexico, enabling them to continue creating traditional crafts.

At Eclectic Array, the associates call themselves “story tellers” in their stores and online, because every product has a story that they have an chance to share. They do this by sharing the stories of each of the artisans and their techniques, so consumers no only fall in love with the piece they are purchasing, but that they learn about who made it, where it came from, how it was made and the time it took to complete. It is a beautiful process of falling in love with the products they buy and it is heart warming knowing that each purchase was life changing for an artisan and their family. This is very much in line with the “who made your clothes” movement from Fashion Revolution, where they promote the education and awareness to consumers- encouraging individuals to know where the products they purchase are coming from.

Faryn Masso Clark, the founder, was inspired to start this company after learning about Kiva, a non-profit organization that specializes in micro-finance loans. She was especially motivated by the micro-loans given globally to individuals in poverty that are seeking small scale entrepreneurship opportunities. The money they receive can be used to start a business, grow their existing company or simply better their life. Micro-loans may be anywhere from one hundred USD to one thousand USD and are an important part of what Eclectic Array does for their artisans- as well as giving their artisans the education they need to know how to grow and sustain their business.

A post on Instagram shared that the first micro-loan given by the company was to a talented artisan that wanted one thousand USD to build a roof for his home. This not only allowed him to continue production during the rainy season, when it would normally be a time that his materials would be damaged because he only had a tarp to cover his home, he also was able to provide secure shelter for his wife that does beautiful embroidery and his three children, one of which whom has special needs. “The things we take for granted in life, like a simple roof over our heads can easily be resolved with an interest free micro-loan”, states Clark. As an entrepreneur herself, she said “I really value those in my life that have encouraged and mentored me and gave me a loan when I was looking to get my start, how cool to be able to do the same for others”.

On their website they state: “We believe in fair trade, unique, beautifully crafted items that are affordable and make people happy. Together we can change the world. Let’s shop global!”

The online store offers high quality pet accessories including dog collars and leashes, alongside apparel and shoes, homeware, and gifts, jewelry and accessories.

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