Mevron launches its ride-sharing service to take on Bolt in Ibadan, Nigeria

Austin, Texas-based ride-sharing startup Mevron launches a driver recruitment program in a bid to expand its fleet in Ibadan, Nigeria. The company offers drivers bigger take-home earnings and exclusive perks.

Mevron, an Austin, TX-based ride-sharing startup, announces the launch of its driver recruitment program. The company offers drivers a bigger share of ride earnings, and provides exclusive perks not given by its competitors.

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Mevron says it is launching the signup campaign to bolster its Ibadan fleet, as well as to provide car owners with a way to monetize their vehicles. The expansion is fueled by the city’s rapid growth, which has become the third most populous city in Nigeria and is home to almost six million residents.

The startup is looking to recruit people who currently own a car and want to augment their income by driving for Mevron part-time. There is no prescribed driving schedule, and driver-partners have complete freedom to set the number and frequency of rides they complete in a day.

Unlike its competitors, Mevron charges a considerably lower commission fee, allowing driver-partners to keep as much as 91% of a passenger’s payment. Using the Mevron app to navigate trips also consumes no data, which further reduces a driver’s operating costs.

Furthermore, ride payments are forwarded to drivers on the following business day, giving them easier access to their earnings. All fleet members are covered by insurance to protect the drivers and their families.

Mevron says that most drivers in Ibadan are qualified to sign up for its fleet. Minimum requirements include being at least 21 years of age, having a sedan in good working condition, and a valid driver’s license.

Applicants will also be required to submit supplementary documentation, such as a vehicle inspection report, proof of vehicle insurance, road worthiness and profile photos. They will also undergo rigorous safety training to ensure the safety of all passengers.

A company representative says: “Given the current pandemic, ride-sharing has become one of the most crucial and safest means of public transportation. That’s why we decided to expand our fleet in Ibadan. This offers an excellent opportunity to earn money for those who have lost their jobs or have experienced pay cuts.”

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