Metro Detroit Roof Repair Expert Technician Offers Tile & Shingle Waterproofing

Detroit Roofing Pros offers free estimates and in-depth consultations for roof repairs and installations in the Detroit metro area.

Homeowners with roof leaks can now get an expert repair from Detroit Roofing Pros. This company employs expert roof repair technicians with experience in repairing and replacing tiles and shingles as well as waterproofing roofs. 

A full list of available roofing services can be found on their website at

Storms, wind and heavy rain can take their toll on roofing tiles and shingles. It is not uncommon for severe storms to loosen or remove several shingles and tiles. It may not always be obvious that such damage has occurred until the roof starts to leak sometime later. 

Each of the different types of tiles and shingles is best suited to specific climates and weather conditions, but even with optimal conditions there will be wear and tear. 

Just one missing tile or shingle can cause major damage to the interior of the home if water leaks for a prolonged period of time. The Detroit Roofing Pros help to mitigate any potential loss by completing repairs and new roof installations promptly and professionally. 

When asked about the business, Tom Timber emphasized the importance of having an experienced roofer performing repairs, saying “One of the best investments any homeowner can make is being sure that they have a roofer with experience. It’s too easy to lay a tile wrong or not have everything lined up just right, and when that happens it’s only a matter of time before there are more leaks. Our company takes the time to do the job the right way the first time, every time. That’s why people in metro Detroit depend on us as roofing experts.” 

When selecting a Detroit roofing company, it is recommended that homeowners check references and speak with past customers to get a clear idea of the proficiency and expertise of the potential contractor. 

Detroit Roofing Pros offers free estimates and in-depth consultations. Interested homeowners are invited to visit the website at to learn more and schedule an at-home consultation.

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