Metro Detroit Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Video Reveals Surprising Facts for Medical Patients

Comfortable Rides's latest video takes on provides another option about Non-emergency medical transportation and sets the record straight with several useful facts for Medical Patients.

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide the best information on Non-emergency medical transportation, Comfortable Rides has published a new article entitled Metro Detroit Non-Emergency Medical Transportation which sheds light on the most important aspects of Non-emergency medical transportation for Medical Patients. Interested individuals can view the full video at

One of the most surprising pieces of information about the company is the fact that It’s interesteing. It’s intreresting that Comfortable Rides has been servicing the Metro Detroit of Macomb County and Wayne County since 2010 and there hasn’t been any complaints at all about the service. Due to the great service that has been provided thus far all past and current clients has been achieved strictly through refferal.

In discussing the article’s creation, Atild, Owner of Comfortable Rides said,

This article was written to provide information for non-emergency medical patients who has the need to for transportation and can not drive. Each driver posses a MI Chauffeur driver’s licence and have experience in chauffering passengers.

Furthermore all of their drivers and vehicles are insured, and all ofthe vehicles are also fully inpected and cerified within the states safety standards. Comfortable Rides prides themselves with providing non-emergency medical transportation for those who has the inability to drive. Not only they will get the client to the medical appointment comfortable Comfortable Rides will also make sure the client get there on time safely.

Although Comfortable Rides aims to satify the Metro Detorit Area of Macomb and Wayne County. Do remember that Comfortable Rides are only for non-emergency medical transportation services. There will be no airport runs or pick ups nor there will be any other type of transportation service.

Medical Patients or Customers who learn more about the services and price quotes please don hesitate to call Comfortable Rides via their phone 313-421-9001

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