Metabolic Hormone Balance Long Term Weight Loss Fat Burning Supplement Released

A new supplement for weight loss has been released. Tetrogen Day and Night aims to promote sustained weight loss by balancing the body's metabolic hormones to prevent unhealthy weight gain.

A new fat burning and weight loss product has been launched. Tetrogen Day and Night is a 24/7 support for weight loss that not only helps people lose fat from the first day but also restores the balance of metabolic hormones. It aims to address the underlying causes of weight gain to promote a sustained weight loss.

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Many people have tried a wide range of diet and exercise plans to lose weight, but they either achieve little or regain their lost weight at a higher rate than before. This new weight loss supplement delivers optimum results by solving the real cause of weight gain.

Tetrogen is based on metabolic hormones, key factors that may prevent the body from effectively losing and maintaining weight. If they are not balanced, these hormones can make the person always feel hungry, having the urge to eat more. Hormonal imbalances may also lead to low energy levels and high food cravings. Tetrogen aims to solve these issues by targeting the root cause behind them.

The consumption of unhealthy foods is one of the leading causes that cause metabolic hormones to go out of balance. Tetrogen restores the balance of these hormones in just two or three weeks. This way, the individual will feel the need to eat less. The body simply doesn’t need much food to feel full. Additionally, when these hormones are balanced, energy levels will tend to increase naturally, leading to more physical activity.

The market is saturated with supplements that claim to help people achieve their desired weight by draining the body of water. But the clinically approved ingredients in Tetrogen solve the root cause of weight gain. After the metabolic hormones are balanced, the body can remain in the state of sustained weight loss due to reduced food intake, increased physical activity due to more energy, and less fat formation caused by the improvements in the digestive system.

When the metabolic hormones are in balance, the body can transition to the 80/20 rule to achieve sustained weight loss success. This rule involves eating one’s favorite foods 20 percent of the time, and the remaining 80 percent is devoted to healthy low-carb foods.

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