Metabolic Explosion: Review Exposing Lies in Workout and Fitness Industry Released

The Metabolic Explosion workout claims that doing a few exercises called maximizers will help one increase fat loss in much less time. This claim has grabbed the attention of owner, Decklin James, instigating a full review and analysis of the program.

Dan Faggella officially released his metabolism-boosting workout. But with the release of Metabolic Explosion come many different reviews and opinions. In an in-depth article published by Health Cognizant, many details of the Metabolic Explosion program are brought to light. The article discusses the pros and cons of the workout and it also touches on many of the lies that people are lead to believe about working out.

When discussing the article, Decklin mentioned these lies saying, “Our Metabolic Explosion review brings out many important things about the workout that should not be overlooked. What I feel is probably the most eye-opening though, is the fact that so many of us have been lead to believe that we must follow certain protocols to get results. The Metabolic Explosion program isn’t perfect, but there is a lot of valuable information there. One of the teachings in it that I like is that extreme exercises or so-called insane workouts are just not necessary.”

The Metabolic Explosion workout program is designed for both men and women and is based on what is called the “Metabolic Maximizer” method. Simply put, the idea is that one can achieve maximum effect with minimum effort when exercising correctly. This goes against what much of the fitness world is pushing these days.

“Now of course, if you’re wanting to get good results, this program is not some magic-pill type of workout.” Decklin brings out. “You do actually have to follow the workout videos and handbook to lose fat. But, I do believe that just about anyone can do it and get results with this program.”

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For those who would like to learn more about the program, there is a full review of Metabolic Explosion on Health Cognizant:

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