Meta Bounty Hunters Referrer ID And How To Join Meta Bounty Hunters

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Your Meta Bounty Hunters Referrer ID is: tommezosi - Learn How To Join Meta Bounty Hunters Step By Step And Make Passive Income From Meta Bounty Hunters NFTs Every Week

Dear Crypto Lovers,

By the time you’re reading this blog post you may already know what NFTs are and why Meta Bounty Hunters NFTs are a unique way to generate passive income – but you might not be able to join because you need a Referral ID to do it.

In this case I’m happy to invite you to my team – to do this, just use this Referrer ID: tommezosi

Now here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to join Meta Bounty Hunters and make passive income from your MBH NFTs every week:

How to join Meta Bounty Hunters

Meta Bounty Hunters is an invite only community. You will need a personal referrer ID or referrer code.

To start minting your NFT you will need a Web3 wallet on the Ethereum Network.

We recommend MetaMask. MetaMask can be used as a mobile app or a Google Chrome extension.

To sign up with Meta Bounty Hunters please go to

Enter this URL into the browser of your mobile MetaMask wallet or into your Google Chrome browser with MetaMask extension (you must be logged into MetaMask).

STEP 1A in the sign-up process will require you to enter a Referrer ID (also called Referrer Code).

You can get your Referral ID from the person who introduced you to Meta Bounty Hunters.

If you don’t have a referrer, feel free to grab this Referrer ID: tommezosi

Enter your Referrer ID and click Verify.

STEP 1B: Connect Your MetaMask Wallet. You don’t have to do it on your mobile app. On your desktop just sign into your MetaMask extension.

STEP 2 in the sign-up process will require you to create your own Referrer ID that you will be sharing with your referrers.

STEP 3-1 will ask you to follow their Twitter account.

STEP 3-2 will require you to join their Discord channel and enter your Discord ID.

Discord can be used via your browser or via a mobile app.

Once registered, you can grab your Discord ID. Typically it’s in the bottom left on your desktop and bottom right on your mobile.

STEP 4 will ask you for your email address and phone which is an optional entry.

STEP 5 is the final step that asks you to solve the captcha to make sure you’re not a robot.

Now you can hit the SIGN UP button!

Congratulations. You’re now part of the Meta Bounty Hunters family.

How to mint your first Meta Bounty Hunter

Now that you are signed up you can start minting your first Meta Bounty Hunter.

Minting might not be available when you’re reading this article since there is a limited supply.

The Public Mint launched on 17th February 2022. Following this mint, 80 NFTs will be made available for minting every Thursday.

Follow the official social media channels (especially the Discord channel) to check availability.

To mint your Meta Bounty Hunter, go to and hit the MINT YOUR META BOUNTY HUNTERS button.

You will need 0.65 Ethereum on your MetaMask wallet plus some Ethereum for fee. To be on a safe side prepare $2100 worth of Ethereum.

Choose the amount and hit the MINT button to mint your NFT.

Confirm the mint in your MetaMask. Done!

You are now part of the MBH community. Enjoy your passive income and follow the official channels for updates.

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