Mermaid Waters Queensland Barre Fitness Yoga & Pilates Classes Announced

A range of barre fitness classes have been announced by Aleenta Barre Mermaid Waters. The Gold Coast studio offers yoga, Pilates and barre fitness to their customers.

Barre Fitness classes have just been launched on the Gold Coast. Barre is known as the fitness method Victoria’s Secret models swear by with its ability to tone and strengthen quickly with visible results in 10 workouts or less.

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Barre merges the best of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It was founded in the UK and USA has enjoyed widespread popularity over the past 10-15 years, but is still relatively new to Australia. Aleenta BARRE is pioneering barre fitness in Australia with its seventh boutique studio on the Gold Coast at the Q Super Centre at Mermaid Waters.

Aleenta Barre is a workout that lengthens, strengthens and tones the body. Classes combine key ballet techniques to tone and sculpt legs, yoga poses to lengthen and stretch and Pilates to improve core strength and correct posture. Suitable for all levels of fitness, the one-hour, non-impact classes work the entire body targeting all key muscle groups (including some that might not have been used before).

Aleenta BARRE Mermaid Waters offers a range of barre, yoga and FIT classes including the popular ‘Body Former’ Classes which incorporate the Pilates Reformers.

Aleenta Barre Mermaid Waters Studio Owner Alicia Harvie says “Our classes are unique to any other barre style. All our Aleenta Barre classes are choreographed and follow a detailed routine for 4 weeks. New routines are then introduced every four weeks to tone and emphasize different muscles groups for maximum effectiveness.”

Alicia says “Our students see toning results very quickly – if they complete 10 classes in 3 weeks you will quickly see changes to your body,”

Barre is also known for its focus on building strength and stability and also on improving performance and preventing injuries.

Alicia Harvie says “One of the main ways dancers prevent injuries is by maintaining strong lower limb muscles – muscles we work throughout barre exercise classes. This is because stability starts from the ground up. It doesn’t matter how strong the core is, stable hips, knees and ankles are essential preventing injuries.”

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