Meridian ID Tomato Soil Fertilizer Dry Cold Weather Increased Yield Launched

Meridian company Terra Fresh Home & Garden have launched a new soil amendment fertilizer, designed to support top-quality tomato yields in excessively dry, humid, hot, or cold weather conditions.

Terra Fresh Home & Garden, a company based in Meridian ID, has recently launched the Terra Fresh fertilizer, a soil amendment product designed to create optimal conditions for growing tomatoes and other home-grown fruits and vegetables.

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The newly launched product is ideal for green-thumbed people living in a climate with excessive heat, coldness, dryness or humidity, which can negatively impact soil quality and plant growth. Terra Fresh can remedy the soil to support plant growth in hot and cold weather conditions.

The new Terra Fresh fertilizer is a natural soil amendment product that encourages beneficial microbial activity in the soil. Microbes break down the nutrients and minerals in the soil that the tomato plant can use to increase its growth efficiency and resistance to disease. The recently released Terra Fresh fertilizer is ideal for growing high yields of tomatoes, but can also be used on other popular, at-home fruit and vegetable gardens.

The soil amendment concentrate is 100% plant-based and natural and contains no artificial preservatives. The product is easy to use, all-natural, and an effective way to support plant growth during periods of excessive heat or humidity, such as in the summer.

Once activated with water, Terra Fresh can be applied to plants and soil using a watering can, spray bottle, hose-end sprayer, or drip line to ensure even distribution. Terra Fresh should be applied every three to four weeks, all year round, to maintain the soil’s vitality and encourage tomatoes to grow in abundance.

Excessive sun, rain, or humidity can lead to issues in the plant, including dry leaves, weak roots and stems, fungus, and low yields. Even if tomatoes do grow from poor soil, they are often undersized and slow to ripen.

Terra Fresh’s new product is ideal for at-home beginner and experienced gardeners looking for a way to protect tomato plants from poor weather conditions and common plant diseases or people who want to naturally ensure a successful tomato yield. Terra Fresh are so confident in their product they offer a 6-month 100% money-back guarantee for customers not completely satisfied with their results.

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