Merging Power & Simplicity, Q One Tech Proudly Presents Market Research Platform

Q One Tech announces their Market Research platform and will be doing product launch in the coming months.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – Q One Tech, a market research and consumer insights software development company, is proud to introduce the Q One market research platform. Decades of experience and a passion for innovative technology have led to the development of a comprehensive and customizable solution that is powerful and simple to use. Q One Tech builds products for real world market research, built by researchers for researchers.

Q One is the all-in-one platform that provides a seamless connection between research panels and insightful data collection that helps organizations including consumer packaged goods, financial services and research companies drive business performance, visibility and overall efficiency. Through its automated panel management, project management and data collection workflow, Q One’s powerful solution provides customers with highly efficient market research tools allowing them to complete more projects deliver results faster and increase overall productivity across their organizations.

Cloud-based, multi-channel and multi-lingual, the Q One comprehensive solution includes panel management, data collection and survey design. With a minimal amount of human intervention, the system handles everything from proposal to the final invoicing stage. Project information, collected data and panel participation are tracked in real-time and the platform works on multiple channels including online, SMS, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and fax. Project managers benefit from a fully customizable system that allows them to create the most complex market research projects with the greatest of ease.

“Our innovative customizable market research solution harnesses the power of data to drive business results more efficiently “said Dexter Chew, Marketing Director of Q One Tech.” In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, companies need to leverage market research to improve their decision making processes.” Interested parties that would like to learn more about the Q One market research platform are encouraged to sign up for the upcoming webinar on “How to Use Market Research Automation to Your Advantage” at Attendees can expect to learn about the role of automation in marketing expansion as well as many of the key features and benefits of the Q One platform.

About Q One Tech

Q One Tech is on a mission to make business management comprehensive again, which is why they’re offering a multitude of highly organized and efficient services that makes market research easy for business clients. Features include automated solutions to increase productivity, personalized interface to give email and social media visitors the best possible sign-up experience, a versatile platform that fits any industry, real-time reporting for project, invitation, and survey tracking, complete solutions from the cloud-based data collection platform, multi-channel capabilities, and multi-lingual capabilities. The Q One market research solution makes it easier for clients to collaborate, communicate and coordinate with their teams or clients anytime anywhere. To learn more, please visit


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