Merchant Processing Fee Reduction Credit Card Optimization Services Launched

Payment Card Advisory Group released an updated range of merchant processing fee reduction services for companies across sectors.

Payment Card Advisory Group, a company specializing in high-quality corporate payment optimization solutions, announced an updated range of merchant processing fee reduction services. The company offers cost free performance audits to help companies cut costs associated with credit and debit card payments without changing their payment processor.

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The recent announcement aims to respond to the increased demand for card payment processing fee optimization services, as more and more companies see their card transactions increase considerably.

Recent weeks have seen governments throughout the world recommend online and card payments over cash, in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19. Streamlining merchant fees has become essential for businesses that want to minimize the risk of potential losses in fee surcharges.

According to Payment Card Advisory Group, the likelihood of paying more in transaction fees is high regardless of sector or company size.

“Here’s the reality: a merchant’s processing environment is like a fingerprint”, explains a company representative. “It has its own unique DNA, and it’s not easy to sort out and understand. So, whether you process a couple of million dollars or a couple of billion dollars in credit card transactions, you are faced with the same challenges.”

Overpaying on merchant fees is so common that the company estimates that 96% of all businesses are overcharged when accepting credit or debit card payments.

Payment Card Advisory Group provides expert solutions to help businesses across sectors reduce their overall merchant processing fees by up to 66%. The service does not require changing banks or payment processors, since clients may be eligible for fee refunds.

To ensure high standards of service quality, the experts use proprietary benchmarking data that is not available anywhere else.

The company works exclusively with its business clients and is not compensated by any third party. This guarantees maximum fee reduction and eliminates the risk of a potential conflict of interest.

Interested parties can find more information on the company’s newly updated services by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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