Merchant Credit Card Processing Fees Explained Cost Reduction Service Launched

A new service has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group. They work with clients to lower their credit card processing fees and offer industry leading ROI.

Payment Card Advisory Group has launched a new service to help clients to understand their credit card and debit card assessment fees. They emphasize that 96% of all merchants in the US are currently being overcharged on the fees they pay to accept a credit or debit card payment from their customers.

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The new service is designed to ensure more merchants avoid paying money that’s rightfully theirs. This saving can then be applied back into the business, or more important company initiatives.

When a business owner goes over their monthly credit card processing statement, it can be a shocking experience. There are all sorts of fees, and the entire industry is convoluted and confusing.

It’s no surprise that most business owners are being overcharged, because the only way to combat this issue is with knowledge and insight. This can be hard to come by without working with a specialist who understands the situation.

Getting in touch with Payment Card Advisory Group is the best way to cut costs on credit and debit card payment processing fees. These include assessment fees, interchange fees, and processor markup costs.

Before any client can begin to fight any overcharge, it’s important to have insight into the pitfalls of merchant processing. By better understanding what they’re up against, merchants are able to fight their case and secure lower fees.

This is where Payment Card Advisory Group can help. They offer a unique service, in that they are fully independent and don’t charge a penny unless they make clients money.

Payment Card Advisory Group works only for the client, and receives no compensation from outside parties. They apply their industry knowledge, offer the best ROI on the market, and let their results speak for themselves.

Clients have saved up to 66% since the business was launched. The merchant stays in complete control throughout, and can have the Payment Card Advisory Group implement some, none, or any of the fixes suggested.

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