Mentor and coach Christy Mattoon teaches subconscious change and heart coherence

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Beyond Heart Coherence is moving people through fear by getting them deeply intouch with their spirit. Christy Mattoon to provide people with the necessary tools to live a fulfilled life - mind, body, and soul. and guides them easily through subconscious change.

The need for a mentor or someone with tested and true ideas and strength to get through covid-19 and global shut downs and the ongoing Untied States election battle is seen more as a necessity than a need in the age that humanity is in.

Christy Mattoon knows from experience. As a healer and teacher – she mentors and coaches’ people all over the world and has Launched Beyond Heart Coherence To aid peoples change process and growth. She also experiences the benefit of have coaches and mentors that aid in balance physical health and emotional stability.

Mattoon Notes that, “Sometimes we think, having a mentor, a coach, or a therapist is a sign of weakness, But in my own journey I soon realized it was a sign of strength – as I progressively got better and became aware and moved through levels of consciousness, my life transformed.”

Spiritual coach and mentor, founder of Mind Rewire, Christy Mattoon, teaches heart coherence through the “Beyond Heart Coherence” program to ensure mental stability amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and world wide shut downs.

In a recent article Author Glen Parker talks about how to “Harness The Power of These Role Models to Lead Others.”

He goes on to say, “Role models can do more than inspire. They are practical and sensible examples of how to do things the right way.

A role model is often a powerful force in your life and career. You can choose to closely emulate the person or select certain traits you can integrate into your individual style.” Quoted from article by Glen Parker.

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Christy Mattoon has grown to become increasingly popular over the years, working with the likes of Randy Veitenheimer. Randy is the host of Gaia’s original series Quantum Effect well as a featured guest in the popular broadcast Undisclosed. As well other public figures from different parts of the world. For more see MindRewire’s YouTube interview with Randy at the YouTube channel MindRewire.

The spiritual coach and mentor launched Beyond Heart Coherence in line with her goal of helping as many people as possible to get rid of negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and discover their true selves. The program has grown in popularity in recent times, with clients leveraging its amazing features and benefits to lead a better life.

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“I have direct experience with helping people change. I get people searching for consciousness in touch with their spirit for answers. The subconscious thoughts and feelings that drive life can be changed. Addressing issues from a state of calmness alters a response from the person eliciting the issue. Feelings come by using the power of my heart and knowing one’s own spirit, a direct connection to God. It gives the power to take your life back,” said Christy Mattoon.

Recent statistics reveal a disturbing rise in cases of mental illness and suicide worldwide. Recent developments around the U.S. election and the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic have worsened the situation, with fear and uncertainty coming from deeper places. Consequently, it has become imperative for people to have a clear, calm mind and pay attention to their subconscious. This is where a mentor can help with daily instruction and ideas to keep people searching on track.

There many resources designed to offer such relief, Some effective and some not. Christy is looking to make a difference with Beyond Heart Coherence so people searching can help themselves and grab a mentor when needed. More can be found here

The program is suited for all categories of individuals who are searching for help and want to know how to active their spirit inside of them., Also suited for, lightworkers, seekers, enlightened beings, and anyone seeking to progress their spiritual journey by going beyond heart coherence. The remote energy healer and Energy Psychologist takes clients by the hand, walking them through the process of achieving a quiet mind, spiritual awareness, higher intuition, flow of energy, and freedom.

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Mattoon’s “Beyond Heart Coherence” and other programs from the energy psychology therapist via Mind Rewire, please visit – Mind Rewire can also be found across social media, including Facebook and YouTube

About Mind Rewire

Mind Rewire was founded by Christy Mattoon to provide people with the necessary tools to live a fulfilled life – mind, body, and soul. Christy is a cutting-edge intuitive, remote energy healer and Energy Psychologist with years of experience working with people from more than 13 countries and 25 U.S. states to aid them in profound subconscious change.

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