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Robby D’Angelo, a mental optimization coach, has updated his services to help businesses improve their overall performance and employee satisfaction.

The coach’s updated services are designed to help leaders and workers combat limiting beliefs that are hindering their performances. Doing so will boost company productivity and improve employee fulfillment.

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Robby D’Angelo’s expanded empowerment program focuses on getting clients to unlock their full potential by overcoming their hindering beliefs so they can achieve higher levels of success. This 6-month long program begins with 12 weeks of one-hour group coaching, weekly group discussions, and additional application for another 12 weeks.

According to the data provided by the website, engaged employees result in 21% higher profitability for businesses, 41% decrease in absenteeism, 59% less turnover, 17% increase in productivity, and 20% boost in sales. Workers who understand what skills they bring to the table generate up to 29% more profits.

The Life Changers Program involves working with the client’s organizational teams. With the aim of revealing effective communication techniques, developing leadership skills as well as intrapersonal skills, the coach concentrates on ensuring employees can help guide prospects to a solution that addresses their needs and wants. The client’s employees will learn how to improve conversion by creating valuable interactions with customers and prospects and developing a positive mindset.

This 6-month program includes 7 weeks of guided coaching, weekly live group coaching calls on how to apply the taught framework, topical reinforcement, discussions of relevant real-life situations, and answering critical questions.

In addition to mental optimization coaching, Robby D’Angelo is also a motivational speaker, business consultant, and sits on the executive board of directors for the Mental Health Association. He is an advisor to the University of Southern Mississippi School of Business, a consultant to the University of Alabama Birmingham Marketing Department, and runs a nonprofit organization focused on improving students’ mental health, known as RISE UP.

A satisfied client said: “By working with Robby, I have found out that my insecurities have kept me from my own greatness. I now know why I have them and I recognize that I actually have been self-sabotaging myself. Through Robby’s, help I have started my dream business that once scared me but now I make great money changing lives.”

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