Men’s Health/Vitality Supplement Store Female Attraction Hormone Report Released

Sugar Hard, a store specializing in the promotion of men's health supplements for U.S. customers, has released a new report that provides information on the hormones in women that cause them to become physically attracted to men.

The new report, entitled ‘What Hormone Causes Female Arousal’, focuses on the female ovulation cycle and outlines the different factors and issues that may play a part in how and when women begin to find men desirable.

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The latest announcement is in line with the store’s vision of providing advice on men’s health and helping men find natural supplements that provide testosterone support. According to the new report, men and women benefit from a natural hormonal balance and these chemicals play a major role in physical attraction.

Hormone levels can shift and vary through different stages of life. Other factors that can influence hormone levels include age, stress, drugs, and climate. The new report identifies that the balance of estrogen, progesterone and small amounts of testosterone are essential to a healthy attraction.

The report states that estrogen helps maintain the reproductive system and regulate intimate characteristics, whilst progesterone readies the body for pregnancy, and testosterone influences the menstrual cycle, tissue mass, and bone mass.

According to the report, the female ovulation cycle also plays a major role in how and when a woman can become physically attracted to a man. There are different stages of the ovulation cycle, the first being the follicular stage. This stage begins at the beginning of a woman’s cycle. Here, estrogen and progesterone levels are lowered, leading to mood changes.

During the ovulatory stage, estrogen levels rise, and finally, the luteal stage is where the egg travels through the fallopian tube. The chemical changes during the female ovulation period can affect how and when women are most likely to become physically attracted to a man.

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