Men’s Health Coach For Physical & Mental Well-being Named Niche Leader

Strong Men Coaching mastermind, Anthony Treas, has been named a leading figure in his niche. He is a top coach for men’s mental and physical well-being.

Anthony Treas, the veteran behind Strong Men Coaching, has been named a leader in the field and listed as a health coach dominating their market by Primal Health Coach Institute. It highlights that he is the best for helping men to regain control of their mental and physical well-being.

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Primal Health Coach Institute explains that one of the things that sets Anthony apart is the fact that he has gone through many of the same things as his clients. This allows him to offer meaningful advice and guidance.

He approaches the issues of men’s mental and physical well-being through the lens of keeping the brain healthy. He has both a podcast and a blog in which he interviews leading experts in personal performance, and works individually with clients who want to improve their health, purpose and personal performance at work and home.

Anthony served in Iraq, and when he returned home he was surprised to see how his body responded after serving in a combat zone. He struggled mentally and physically and was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pursuing a dream to obtain a college degree, he took a class in health and wellness, and this led him to his true calling. Now he has designed his own health and wellness coaching program with a focus on men’s health.

He states: “Men, are losing the battle for their health and well-being. For every one thing that is promoting health and wellness, there are ten unhealthy things fighting for you to stay unfit, unhealthy, and uninformed about these things.”

Through his program, he helps men to overcome past issues and work towards a more fulfilling and productive future.

A recent happy client said: “He explains his coaching philosophy to me, in a way that I can understand and believe. I get why he is doing this, and you can feel that he cares about how the student comes up with his own goals.”

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