Menopause Weight Gain Feel Beautiful Increase Self Esteem Guide Released

Menopause Morph has just released it new Menopause Self Esteem eBook, a guide highlighting 50 tips for women experiencing menopause to improve self-awareness and build self esteem during this tough transition.

Menopause Morph, an online source of facts and myths surrounding a woman’s mid-life change, has just released its new Menopause Self Esteem eBook guiding women through the tough times of transition. Creator Pauline McCarthy, graduate of Stow College, Glasgow, Scotland, hosts a weekly podcast interviewing experts on this multifaceted life stage that affects every woman.

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The number of post-menopausal women in the world is projected to be 1.1 billion by the year 2025. More than one-half of women believe depression is a ‘normal part of aging’ and that it is normal for a woman to be depressed during menopause according to a Mental Health America survey.

As women enter menopause, their levels of physical activity decrease. Science Daily reports that researchers from the University of Missouri found a connection between the lack of ovarian hormones and changes in the brain’s pleasure center, a hotspot in the brain that processes and reinforces messages related to reward, pleasure, activity and motivation for physical exercise.

In the Menopause Self Esteem eBook: Support System, 50 Tips to get through the tough times from The Pearls of Pauline – Pearls of Wisdom, Compassion & Joy for Menopausal Women, Pauline introduces women experiencing the unknowns of menopause to a process of understanding their strengths and faults to empower them to move through their lives with confidence, faith in themselves, morale, dignity and self-assurance.

The 50-tip eBook defines self esteem and what it means at any age. It also addresses women’s approaches to their daily lives, being mindful and journaling to notice changes and trends and acknowledging the positives. It stresses the process of growing and understanding of self in order to enjoy the most fulfillment out of life.

Along with the 50-tip eBook, the Menopause Morph web page and podcast address topics such as hot flashes, brain fog, memory loss, night sweats, mood swings, low libido, painful sex, menopause age and peri-menopause.

The site compares myths versus facts concerning change of life, like the myth that weight gain during menopause is inevitable. The fact is that weight gain can be prevented with the right food choices and regular exercise. Another example is the myth hot flashes are the first warning sign of menopause. The fact is that signs and symptoms are random and individual.

Menopause Morph reveals symptoms associated with menopause including hair thinning and losing its luster, teeth loosening and gums receding, headaches and hot flashes, backaches, breasts drooping and flattening, vaginal dryness, itching and shrinking, bone mass loss and becoming more fragile and risk of cardiovascular disease.

More about these topics can be found by visiting the website listed above.

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