Memphis Cleaning Service New Wool Safe Rug Cleaner Announced

Memphis Cleaning Company PSH Cleaning has launched a new rug cleaning product that is the only wool free product of its type in Memphis, Tennessee. Using unique Rotovac technology, it scrubs the carpet and revives it while cleaning.

PSH Cleaning, a professional, full service carpet care company in Memphis, Tennessee, has announced the launch of a new rug cleaning product. It is the only wool safe carpet cleaning product in Memphis, allowing customers to enjoy a thorough, deep clean that is safe for people and pets.

More information can be found on the PSH Cleaning website at:

Carpet cleaning is important because dirt can hide in the deepest fibers of the materials. This can affect the shelf life of customers’ rugs and carpets. Regular cleaning can reduce this, preventing carpet turnover and therefore saving money. Carpets are also a good breeding site for mold and germs, and the right method of cleaning can disrupt and destroy these germs.

PSH Cleaning uses Rotovac technology to clean carpets, which restores and massages carpet fibers to extract dirt, grease and debris. It scrubs the carpet and revives it while cleaning, ensuring a deep clean and an attractive finish. Because the technology only uses green solutions, the unique product is safe for children and pets.

Through a 12-step cleaning process, including moving furniture to avoid damage, pre-spot treatment to allow maximum dirt removal, and grooming for maximum benefit to the carpet, PSH Cleaning uses this Rotovac technology to offer customers a truly deep clean.

On the PSH Cleaning website, there are videos to show exactly how the product works, so customers can see what they’re getting before they pay for the service. There is also a 100% money back guarantee, so in the unlikely even a customer is not satisfied with their order they can feel secure that they are under full protection.

PSH Cleaning is well known for the experience of its staff and the service it provides. It holds multiple cleaning technician certifications, which are the highest available in the carpet cleaning industry. It is also an IICRC certified firm, and offers its services in Memphis, East Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Bartlett, Lakeland, Midtown, and Arlington. The company can be contacted on: (901) 572-1049. Its email address is:

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