Memory Foam Pillow For Side Sleepers – Best Solution For Sleep Apnea/Back Pain

Clearwater, Florida-based Incredible Inventions has updated its product offerings to include Dr. Cole’s SideSleeper Pillow, which helps alleviate sleep apnea and recurring back pain.

Incredible Inventions, an online retailer based in Clearwater, Florida, has expanded its collection of innovative products for the home. The store now carries Dr. Cole’s SideSleeper Pillow, which promotes better sleeping posture and provides full-body relief.

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This product aims to replace standard pillows, which are primarily geared towards people who sleep on their backs. It was developed by Dr. Larry Cole, a chiropractic physician with over 50 years of experience in treating spinal issues.

According to studies, about 54% of a person’s total time in bed is spent sleeping on their side. However, this position may aggravate existing conditions such as sleep apnea or recurring back pain.

In response to this, Incredible Inventions offers a J shape pillow specifically designed for side sleepers. With this unique design, people can optimize their sleeping position and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

As the product is made of high-quality advanced memory foam, it is able to conform to the body’s natural shape and better stabilize the spine. Moreover, customers can choose the firmness to make it more comfortable to use.

Thoughtful features also make the side sleeping pillow more ergonomic. For instance, it uses breathable layers that allow for natural airflow and comes with a built-in ear well to relieve pressure.

This specialized J shape pillow comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing buyers to try it risk-free. Furthermore, the company is offering an exclusive 10% discount if they use the promo code “DrColeAmp” during checkout.

Incredible Inventions is a leading online shop that provides a curated collection of ingenious but affordable products. Buyers of the side sleeping pillow may complement their purchase with Dr. Cole’s Just Right Cushion for chairs and couches.

A spokesperson says: “Incredible Inventions brings new ideas to life from inventors all around the world. We review every submission and select the ones that are the most interesting, the most innovative, or the most practical solution to an everyday problem. We are certain that the SideSleeper Pillow will markedly improve people’s sleep quality.”

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