Memorial TX – Strength Training Shown to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes

Memorial TX - Strength Training Shown to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes. While not all large, a positive gain in all measures studied did amount to a significant decline in disease risk.

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Strength Training Shown to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

With more than 18 million adults in the US having heart disease, and 34.2 million suffering from diabetes, pharmaceutical companies are hard at work developing countless new medications to treat these disorders. However, those at risk for developing these diseases, classified as having “metabolic syndrome,” also need attention. Those with metabolic syndrome have unhealthy levels in most of the following areas: cholesterol, triglycerides, or fats in the bloodstream, blood glucose, blood pressure, and waist size. But fortunately, research shows that it is possible to improve all of these measures through regular fitness training like that taught at The Perfect Workout.

Scientists from Seoul, South Korea, tested this fact in a 2016 study in which “high-risk” adults with metabolic syndrome practiced a time-efficient strength-and-fitness training regimen under the guidance of a fitness trainer twice weekly, with workouts lasting 30 minutes or less.

Before and after the study, the researchers measured all the factors related to metabolic syndrome in the participants and recorded the following results: triglycerides decreased by 25%; HDLs, or good cholesterol, increased by 5%; waist size and systolic blood pressure declined by 4%; and blood sugar, which was at a healthy level at the start of the study, decreased by 3%.In addition, grip strength and muscle mass improved, with muscle mass climbing by approximately 10%. As an added benefit, the training was safe, with 94% of the participants finishing the program without injury.

While not all of the improvements found in the participants were large, changes in all of the health measures studied amount to a significant decline in disease risk. Decreases in triglycerides, waist size, blood pressure, and blood glucose, along with a rise in HDLs are apt to substantially reduce the participants’ overall chances of acquiring heart disease or diabetes. Thus, the study’s results reveal a clear route to reversing the course of these disorders: engage in strength training with a fitness trainer twice weekly for fewer than 30 minutes per session. Moreover, such training can lead to the positive side effects of greater strength and muscle mass.

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