Memorial TX Kids Dental Cleaning Treatments Medicaid PPO Family Dentist Launched

Dentist 101 (713-773-1300) has just updated its family dentistry offerings. The clinic provides pain-free dental cleaning to kids in the Houston neighborhoods of Westchase, Memorial, Briar Forest, Bellaire, Alief, Mid-west, Braeburn, Sharpstown, and Chinatown.

Dentist 101, a dental practice that services Memorial, Texas, announces the launch of its updated family dentistry services. The clinic helps protect children’s teeth through thorough dental cleaning.

More information about Dentist 101 is available via Houston Dentist 101 – Family Dentistry and Dental Implants.

With this updated offering, the clinic continues its commitment to providing top-notch dental services to its youngest patients. The practice is headed by a multilingual team that caters to the surrounding communities.

While regular brushing and flossing are crucial to a child’s oral health, they cannot remove the deep-seated tartar and plaque that develops in the crevices between teeth. As such, regular dental cleanings are needed to remove these deposits and prevent issues such as tooth decay and bad breath.

However, Dentist 101 is aware that young clients require special care and attention when getting dental services. Its team has extensive experience working with kids and strives to make the cleaning process as comfortable as possible for them.

Further details are available at Houston Memorial Dentist.

The session begins with a close examination of a child’s teeth to ensure that there are no urgent dental issues. A dentist then uses a tool called a scaler to get rid of plaque and tartar buildups between the teeth and around the gumline.

A high-powered brush will then be used to clean the teeth and remove any other tartar deposits not removed by the scaler. As a final step, the dentist will floss a child’s teeth and apply a fluoride treatment, which acts as long-lasting protection against cavities.

The clinic reiterates that the entire procedure is pain-free and will be administered by highly trained professionals. As a full-service practice, the clinic can also provide any other dental treatments a child should need.

Dentist 101 believes that high-quality dental care should be accessible to all. Aside from the Memorial neighborhood, it also services the areas of Westchase, Briar Forest, Bellaire, Alief, Mid-west, Braeburn, Sharpstown, and Chinatown.

A satisfied parent shared this review: “Dr. Su was very patient with my two kids (aged four and two). They had a great experience during their checkup and cleaning. We will surely go back to consult with Dr. Su again. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has kids.”

Interested parties may visit Houston Sharpstown Family Dentist if they need more information about the dental practice and its services.

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