Memorial Gift Box For Grieving – Sympathy Card/Dandelion Handkerchief Set Launch

Bereavement is a difficult thing for anyone to bear and finding tactful ways to show support for grieving families can be a challenge for friends and colleagues. In light of this, a Kansas City, MO-based company announces an updated range of sensitive sympathy gifts.

Parting Gift has launched the Dandelion Memory Box Set – a unique piece carved from black walnut, featuring a laser-engraved flower on the lid. The company specializes in meaningful tokens of love and solidarity that transcend the many cliched bereavement gifts on the market today.

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The announcement reveals an array of delicate design details, from the softly rounded top of the walnut box to the small blue box contained within. The box houses one premium cotton embroidered handkerchief with a dandelion design to match the lid engraving.

While many people still send messages of sympathy through traditional methods like cards and flowers, the ubiquity of these gifts makes them less personal. Bouquets do not survive for long and grieving families are unlikely to keep many, if any, of the cards they receive. Through its range of personal, timeless, and original pieces, Parting Gift gives the bereaved a unique keepsake that is unafraid to acknowledge and share in the sorrow they feel.

Each gift set features a 7 x 7 x 2.5-inch walnut box containing a midnight blue display box with the words, “Some tears are meant to keep.” Customers can choose between a silver or blue embroidered dandelion on the handkerchief. Also included is a sympathy card and a small booklet explaining the origin and symbolism of the dandelion emblem.

The sets are available with words in both English and Spanish and a portion of all current purchases are donated to a veterans community project. Orders can be placed through the Parting Gift website and recipients can expect delivery of the gift within a few days.

About Parting Gift

CEO and founder Angela Watson was inspired to form the company after the death of her sister Melissa. A gift of a handkerchief from a friend proved to be a meaningful and moving token of sympathy and one that continues to be cherished today and so the idea of Parting Gift was born.

Angela says, “Crafted with care and given with love, our sustainable and ethically-sourced gifts provide a way to process grief and put positivity into the world in the memory of a loved one.”

With its latest gift set updates, Parting Gift continues to support those in grief and those close to them with tactful, timeless tokens of remembrance and sympathy.

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