Melissa McCarthy Wows with 50-Pound Weight Loss launches a new website, the goal of which is promoting healthy and natural weight loss for everyone. According to the company, a dramatic weight loss like the one achieved by actress Melissa McCarthy is not impossible to attain.

New Alabama-Based Weight Loss Website Claims Anyone Can Achieve a Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Birmingham, AL (November 26, 2014) – Award-winning actressand comedian Melissa McCarthy recently turned heads when she showed up at ared-carpet event 50 lbs lighter. According to an interview, the Mike and Molly star is “looking fora happy medium” where she could continue embracing her plus-sized figureand, at the same time, set a good example of healthy living for her children.

“Melissa McCarthy is a hero for many plus-sized womenin the country,” says Sean R. Merkel, nutritionist and spokesperson “We hope she would inspire her fans to do whatshe did and take positive measures to shed off excess weight and start beinghealthy.”

Merkel states helping people find an effective and realisticapproach to weight loss is the reason his company is, a new website that provides practical tips andstrategies for losing weight.

“While we know that Hollywood is full of crazy ideas onhow people can lose weight and be fit in a short amount of time, MelissaMcCarthy’s 50-pound weight loss feat is not impossible,” says Merkel.”She did it by simply changing her lifestyle and eating habits, turning toa low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet.”

According to Merkel, will show itsreaders practical and realistic ways that will help them achieve permanentweight loss through diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. The website’sgoal is healthy living, not promoting quick weight loss schemes that aresupposed to give people supermodel-sized bodies.

“Not all of us are genetically inclined to be like KateMoss or Kate Hudson,” says Merkel. “We can only love the body we weregiven and be as healthy as we can be.” is a Birmingham, Alabama-basedwebsite aimed at promoting healthy and natural weight loss for people of allshapes, sizes, races and genders. The site contains resources on healthy dietsand exercise routines, as well as other tips that will help readers loseweight. For more information, please contact Sean R. Merkel at orvisit

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