Melbourne Poultry And Game Meat Marinades And Spices Products Launched

Nifra Poultry based in Melbourne, Australia, announces its fresh and superior quality poultry and game meat. They also have free-range eggs, pure rendered fats, sausages, and a unique range of marinades and spices.

Nifra Poultry based in Melbourne, Australia announces its range of poultry and game meats. The owners Chris and his family, have been actively operating at Queen Victoria Market since 2006.

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This company is family-owned and its business is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the highest quality of free-range poultry and game meats in Melbourne. All their chicken products are the highest quality Hazelden’s Australian grown and they are consistent in delivering fresh daily. All their game products are sourced by Australian suppliers and are held to the highest quality standards.

The range of fresh poultry by Nifra Poultry includes favorites such as Chicken Marylands, Drumsticks, Breast Fillets, Tender Lions, Casserole pieces, Chicken Wings, Chicken skewers, and Involtini. They are also well known for quality game meats.

Nifra Poultry offers fresh and superior quality of chicken, turkey, and duck at Queen Victoria Market. Their distinguished specialties in poultry are Chicken Garlic Kiev, Chicken Stir fry, Breast Schnitzel, and Chicken Burger patties. They have free-range eggs that are always in stock and are sourced from ethical suppliers. They also supply pure rendered duck and chicken fat.

Nifra Poultry is the suppliers for high-quality game meat, namely camel rump, kangaroo topside, wild rabbit legs, emu fan fillet, and more. They supply a wide variety of specialized sausages in flavors such as Carrot and Spinach Chicken Sausages, Roma Tomato, and Basil Chicken Sausages, Chilli Mango Chicken Sausages, and Chorizo Sausages.

Nifra Poultry has a selection of marinades like Tandoori Marinade, Peri-peri Marinade, Honey Soy Marinade. Nagaland Ghost Sauce, Jalapeno Coriander Sauce, and Habenero Sauce are also available. Tuscan Herb Garlic, San Francisco Mix, Portuguese Peri Peri Rub, Moroccan Seasoning, and Mixed Italian Herbs are the few of the authentic and traditional Spices and Rubs they offer.

Being a family-run business, the owner Chris has learned the importance of customer service right from a young age. This has enabled him to carry the highly reputed family business to where it stands today.

To ensure the maximum protection for their customers, deliveries are done by the staff of Nifra Poultry and they offer contactless payment.

For more information visit their website given above or call them on +61-3-9329-6861.

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