Melbourne Instagram Marketing Agency Announces New Done-For-You (DFY) Service

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Melbourne based agency, Arbela Media Group, has announced the launch of their latest marketing service for Instagram business and influencer account holders.

Arbela Media Group is proud to announce the launch of their newest marketing service, starting April 25, 2021. The company has a background in Facebook messenger marketing, website chatbot creation and content marketing. After several months of testing, they are expanding their agency to include a new done-for-you Instagram marketing service.

Interested parties can view more details on the following website:

With the launch of their marketing service, Arbela Media Group will be helping brands and personal account holders grow their follower numbers.

Janice White, Senior Account Manager of Melbourne based Arbela Media Group had this to say about the pending new launch:

“Many account holders and brands struggle to create content that consistently resonates with their followers. They see social media platforms as just an avenue to drive traffic to their online or offline stores. So content creation is a bit of an afterthought. This is regularly seen with traditional bricks and mortar stores and professional services companies that are used to static styles of advertising, such as print media.

“For influencers and solopreneurs, the problem is just the opposite. They create great content, and really understand their followers but frequently find it challenging to convert that energy and connection into sales.

“Arbela Media Group combines smart automation with the warmth of conversations to increase connection with followers in a way that makes selling more natural. This enhances engagement and improves the experience for both account holders and followers.

“As a result, this often leads to greater sales revenue for brands, influencers and their collaboration partners.

“Followers also report greater levels of satisfaction because they finally feel heard. In this era of lockdowns and disconnection, the added benefit that these conversations bring is that they help followers feel included and a bigger part of the the influencer’s world. Even if that world is just virtual.”

Those interested in learning more about the services available can do so here:

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