Melbourne Garage Door Repairs Announces the Launch of Side Hinged Garage Doors Range

Melbourne-GDR is one of the city’s leading premier garage door specialists and offers a huge range of products and services to home and business owners alike. With its highly skilled team of technicians they can guarantee quality installations or repairs at a great value.

Melbourne Garage Door Repairs has announced the launch of its brand new range of side hinged garage doors, available in steel, GRP and timber with electronic operation.

Melbourne Garage Door Repairs (Melbourne-GDR), a leading garage door specialist, has just launched the newest addition to its product line-up, its latest range of side hinged garage doors. These new garage doors will appeal to those customers whodo not generally store their vehicle in the garage, yet still require frequent access. With more people now using their garages for things such as storage, workshops and laundry rooms, they tend to prefer a traditional side hinged door which will allow quick and easy access.

“We are very pleased to now have the opportunity to offer our customers such an extensive range of side hinged garage doors” said the spokesperson for Melbourne Garage Door Repairs. “We had recently noticed a marked increase in the amount of requests for these garage doors and we made it a priority to bring in this range to meet our customers’ growing demands”.

This new range of garage doors will give customers access to their garage with minimal effort.With a wide range of styles to suit everyone’s taste, customers will be able to find something that will suit not only their personal preferences but also their home and surroundings. The ability to fit a remote control operator gives this product added ease of use and convenience.

With current trends in the industry shifting away from standard full garage roller doors, Melbourne-GDR is taking a positive step by introducing a new range of side hinged doors to their product range. This should cater for a wider audience,giving the company an opportunity to capture a larger target base.For more information please contact the company at for a no obligation free quote.

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