Melbourne Business Coach Provides Free Online Coaching Course

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Stuart Hayes, a leading Business Coach in Melbourne, today announced the availability of a free online business coaching course, designed to help businesses owners under stress identify exactly what they need to do to grow their business.

Business owners under stress, looking for clarity on exactly what it is they should be doing to turn their business around, can now download a free business coaching course from the internet that provides them with comprehensive, step-by-step coaching on exactly what it is they should be doing to turn their business around. It also helps them to prioritize, in order of importance, exactly what issues they should be focusing on, so they not only understand the ‘big picture’ of everything they need to address, but also the order in which things should be done.

The free business coaching course is designed specifically to appeal to CEO’s, Business Owners and Business Managers, and includes 6 individual modules – covering the key processes each and every business owner must be on top of to ensure the success of their business. Information about the course can be viewed here.

Speaking about the launch of the online course, Melbourne business coach Stuart Hayes said “People shouldn’t doubt the value in this course just because it is offered for free. The course material actually covers the exact same process that paid clients go through, nothing is held back, the only difference is that a coach is not physically present to step them through the material and help them analyze the results.”

Each module in the course has a video and accompanying PDF, and the videos clarifies the exact actions that need to be taken to complete each of the exercises outlined in each module. Modules covered in the free online business coaching course include ‘Getting Started”, “Identifying Your Core Business Processes”, “Leadership & Culture”, “Resource Management”, “Strategic Management” and ,“Managing External Forces”.

Speaking about the course material Hayes said “The coaching process in the course has proven to be effective with businesses operating under duress, in a myriad of markets in businesses operating in the UK, Australia and Asia, and the processes are the same ones I used successfully for 12 years when my full time job was that of a Change CEO”.

For those unfamiliar with what a Change CEO is, it’s a a specialist CEO Mr Fix it role. A Change CEO goes into ailing businesses, replaces the existing CEO and is then charged with turning the business around, or closing the business down.

As a business coach and Change CEO who specializes in guiding businesses into profit from dire situations, Hayes warned business owners to prepare for the impact of coming economic conditions, by looking at the fundamentals of their business.

“This current volatile mix of economic conditions we are seeing globally will make it very tough for some businesses going forward”, warned Hayes, “but at the end of the day, the quality of the outcomes you achieve in business is always proportional with the quality of the questions you ask, and the first question business owners need to be asking themselves now is whether or not their fundamental approach is still the right one.”

As a business owner who has tasted both success and failure first-hand, Hayes warning comes with an underlined piece of advice.

“It is important to remember that hope is not a strategy. If business owners find themselves in a situation of uncertainty, they should reach out for help as quickly as possible, and with this new online coaching course available to business owners everywhere, free of charge, there’s really no excuse for failing to address the situation” said Hayes. To find out more visit Stuart Hayes Leadership.

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