Melbourne Boat Barnacle Prevention Copper Ion Marine Antifoul System Announced

Barnaclerid announced their product to protect hulls and other running gear of boats and other vessels by creating a protective copper ion field around the vessel. The treatment is eco-friendly and works for all hull materials and boats, yachts, catamarans and other Marina configurations.

Barnaclerid has announced their unique method of preventing marine fouling and rust on the hulls of boats and other sea-going vessels, Barnaclerid is an eco-friendly solution that works by emitting copper ions to create a protective field.

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Barnacles and other forms of marine growth build up to alarming levels on boats that are constantly in the water. This reduces the fuel efficiency of the vessel and damages the structure. Both factors lead to increased operational costs.

Antifouling paint is an expensive solution and also has only a limited reach. Paint is also harmful to the marine ecosystem.

Decades ago, the method of protecting boat hulls was to cover the entire hull with copper. This method was used for over 250 years. Copper plates fixed to the hulls prevented rusting and biofouling by marine life. This method was pioneered by the Royal Navy in the 18th century. Since then, the main method of trying to protect the hull is by antifouling.

The concept created by Barnaclerid derives from the idea of using copper but eliminates the need for installation. They use computer-controlled copper electrodes to generate copper ions that are released into the water. These ions create a protective field around the hull, props, and rudders. The ion field does not harm barnacles or any marine life form, or contaminate the water. Barnaclerid is not ultrasonic and therefore safe for swimmers.

Barnaclerid has been mentioned in the Nautic Expo Magazine, which states that no installation is required and that the device consists merely of a wired harness on which the electrodes hang when the boat is moored. Baranaclerid can be used on any material hull including steel and aluminium alloys.

Barnaclerid has several advantages and does not cause galvanic corrosion, electrolysis or any stray current, according to independent testing. It saves on antifouling, haul out and hard stand costs and increases fuel efficiency by maintaining hull speed. The product has a five-year warranty for any failure not caused by misuse or wear and tear.

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