Meeting Cost Calculator For Improved Business Resource Spend Efficiency Launched

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A software company based in New York launches a free calculator that allows businesses to determine how much of their resources are spent on meetings and what they can do to save on costs.

Based in New York, PDWare, Inc. launches a new calculator designed specifically to help businesses determine how much they are spending on meetings. Accessible for free, the highly practical tool is now available on the company’s website.

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PDWare’s latest launch is one of the ways they support businesses in taking the first steps toward improving their operational efficiency. Through the calculator, the resource and portfolio management software company also assists enterprises big and small in making financially sound decisions.

In any kind of business, meetings tend to represent a significant use of various resources. On average, they last anywhere from 31 to 60 minutes. Majority of them involve two to four employees utilizing dedicated space and equipment.

PDWare recognizes that meetings are essential, especially for projects that require collaboration. At the same time, however, they encourage business owners and managers to ask the right questions when it comes to assessing their meetings and the financial impact they have on their organizations.

As the company states, “Meetings are inevitable. They are a necessary tool for communication and teams. However, do you ever feel like there are meetings just for the sake of meetings? How much do meetings cost an organization? What are the savings if the efficiency of the meetings could be improved?”

By knowing the answers to these questions, PDWare endeavors to equip businesses with the figures and insights they need to maximize the utility they derive from their resources. In particular, they enable users to take a closer look at the expenses associated with meetings vis-a-vis the actionable results that they produce.

With their latest release, PDWare continues on their mission of providing intuitive tools aimed at enhancing business agility and facilitating data-based forecasting and decision-making.

The company firmly believes that “software must be easy to use and implement, no matter how powerful and flexible it is. It should drive customer success, and enable greater alignment between constrained resources and organizational priorities, without being overwhelming to use.”

Interested parties may access the calculator by visiting PDWare’s website stated above.

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