Meet OnSho Shoes: Affordable, Authentic Italian Women’s Shoes

Greatest selection of Italian Shoes For Women at the Best Prices. Our Passion for Italian shoes reflects in our Styles and Selections and we are certain that you will find what your heart desires.

There is nothing like the smell, feel and satisfaction of getting our hands (or should we say feet?) on a pair of affordable Italian shoes womens departments don’t stock on the regular. Such a pair of shoes are hard to track down, but we’re happy to say that OnSho Shoes has a never ending supply.

OnSho specializes in affordable Italian shoes that are tailored to every bank account. The quality is outstanding and the authenticity undeniable. All it took to create our powerhouse of a shoe company, was a woman with an incredible support system and a dream.

Meet Our Leader: Kristen

OnSho Shoes founder Kristen Jones knows what it’s like to be on a budget. She really gets it, which makes our mission statement commercially appealing to the masses.

Kristen’s story is real, as palpable as her love for making Italian shoes womens styles affordable and attainable. Growing up with nothing handed to her in a family with a strict budget, the financial restraint was definitely a factor in shaping her character.

Facing a few of the same struggles as an adult, she was overcome by the desire and willingness to turn it around. Harnessing that determination and then finding success is what makes the birth of Onsho Shoes different from so many other retailers.

OnSho represents the men and women who wake up every day, putting in long hours and making life happen. We believe that a pair of long-lasting, comfortable shoes is long overdue and well-deserved.

What We Offer

OnSho brings our exclusive lines of Italian leather shoes straight to your front door. We’ve got everything the working man needs to make it through a day. Comfortable, high quality boots, loafers and oxford shoes offer buttery soft durability.

For the ladies, we may have gone above and beyond. After all, authenticity in our Italian shoes womens line comes around once in a lifetime.

OnSho brings intricate beauty and bold statements in the form of pumps, ankle boots and ballerina shoes. We offer something for every occasion, meaning you can rely on OnSho to take you seamlessly from work to play.

Timeless style plays a huge part in product development at OnSho. We want you to get as much use as possible out of every pair of shoes that you purchase from us. We want you to see that you can depend on us for a great pair of Italian shoes.

The Better Choice

OhSho shoes understand how important quality is to those who are making an investment. We believe that our standards should be held as high as possible, while keeping our prices low enough to please consumers and shock competitors.

Window shopping ends the second you begin browsing the OnSho website. We revel in the privilege of being able to bring you the shoes of your dreams with an even dreamier price tag.

Go from wanting to having, and visit OnSho shoes today!

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