Medora & Aqua Metrology Systems:Real-Time H2O Quality Data Predictive Analytics

Medora teams with Aqua Metrology Systems to deliver complete THM compliance solution for water utilities to manage DBPs in Real-time using THM-100™ predictive analytics data, reducing treatment costs.

Medora Corporation (Medora) and Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) have teamed up to deliver a complete trihalomethane (THM) compliance solution for water utilities to manage harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Medora, a market leader in THM removal spray aeration technologies with more than 200 installations, has announced that it will be using AMS’ online THM and THM Formation Potential analyzer, THM-100, to provide real-time and predictive analytics data to design and operate its spray-aeration system more efficiently, thereby saving utilities high treatment costs while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

THM levels in a water treatment system can change rapidly and are highly influenced by changes in raw quality and water age. Without real-time and high-frequency actual and predictive data on THMs across their networks, water treatment companies face the risks of under-treating their water or the substantial costs they incur from over-treatment.

“Real-time THM formation potential data on both treated and raw water ensures maximum advantage is taken of aeration systems to deliver compliant water to the consumer,” said Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS. “Medora is the first THM removal solutions provider to embrace real-time monitoring to drive its intelligent aeration and mixing systems. The integration of real-time water quality data and advanced treatment system is a prime example of an intelligent water treatment system designed for the benefit of the utility and their customers.”

“The first step in solving a problem is to understand the problem,” said Cliff Tormaschy, CEO of Medora Corporation. “AMS’ unique capability to develop real-time intelligent predictions of THM formation will enable the design of a cost-effective remediation processes and ensure that we offer clients an intelligent data-driven solutions for achieving THM compliance.”

Bryan Galvin, Wells and Reservoir Supervisor for the Town of Gilbert, Arizona who has been using the high-frequency online THM data from AMS’ THM-100 since October 2017 to manage DBPs within the town’s extensive and complicated network said, “The online THM analyzer has acted as the ‘brains’ of the THM remediation efforts in place across our reservoirs and pumping stations. Having access to this type of quality data is very comforting and has allowed for the operational certainty we did not have before. With this data, we have been able to develop a fully automated air stripping and aeration system because it provides rapid assessment of the impact of ever-changing THM levels and validation of our remediation process. Going forward, real-time THM data will confirm our Medora Corporation THM Removal System operates as needed, resulting in significant cost-savings while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.”

About AMS

Aqua Metrology Systems Ltd. (AMS) believes real-time water quality analysis and remediation are essential to environmental protection. AMS is a leader in the prediction, control and treatment of disinfection byproducts (i.e., THMs) and trace metals, across municipal and industrial sectors. AMS’s online analytical instrumentation provides accurate and reliable data on water quality contaminants through continuous monitoring. AMS’s SafeGuard H2O is an intelligent water treatment system integrating real-time sensing with an innovative approach for removing trace metals.

About Medora

Medora Corporation combines innovative water quality solutions with top-notch manufacturing and nationwide in-field service capabilities to provide trusted & industry-leading support water professionals depend on.

Medora Corporation designs & manufactures GridBee®, SolarBee®, AerationPlus© and ResidualHQ© brand equipment for use across the water quality spectrum including potable water, freshwater, stormwater and wastewater applications. With thousands of installations throughout the United States and Canada, Medora Corporation is an industry leader solving reservoir water quality problems the world over.

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