Medlock announces Physician & Medical Professional job openings in Houston TX

New current Occupational Health and Medical career openings for Physicians in Houston and Dallas areas announced by Medlock Consulting. Positions for Physician Assistants also announced.

Occupational health and medicine jobs in Houston and Dallas are brutally competitive for doctors, nurse practitioners, and even medical directors seeking these executive placements and careers. There are two simple steps that can help job candidates “stand out” [IF] they are willing to take the time to understand how positions are awarded.

Nyla Medlock, of Medlock Consulting (A Company With 25 Years Of Successful Medical Professional Career Placements Under It’s belt – including Fortune Global 500 Corporations) recently pointed out, “In today’s high tech world, the ever-present temptation for the typical “Headhunter”, physician recruiters, or occupational medicine recruiting firms to randomly search credentials and resumes online for healthcare positions can often do nothing more than lead to a pool of cloudy water”.

Medlock continued by saying, “This (less than favorable) method will more likely than NOT tend to attract other job candidates who are merely seeking positions in a different location because they are (perhaps) not happy in their present professional location, burned out, or something similar.”

“Those resumes are often mass posted in various online spots and placement firms. Nothing too special about that. There’s a world of difference in a headhunter using this method to find a candidate for a large company seeking talent [versus] a highly qualified Professional Placement Agency (“PPA”) with a proven strategy for matching up the job seeker – to the job provider.

Fortune 500 Companies (as well as Top Hospitals and Clinics) desirous of filling executive medical positions are more likely to look for fulfillment of positions using the second options mentioned here. A great “PPA” actually goes out with a well defined knowledge of what is needed to fill a position and takes the time to find a quality match, recruiting extremely talented professionals to fill the position that fits the actual person. It’s a very taylored approach that rewards both the hiring entity and the professional to fulfill the assignment. Needless to say, the latter of the two methods is strongly suggested, as it will (in our 25 years of experience has shown) deliver an excellent fit for the company needing to fill a position – and the professional seeking to be placed in the medical field”, Medlock stated.

“This is a huge step in the right direction for professionals considering these careers, but it’s not the only step. A very important part of the process is how well a potential professional candidate interviews for a career position or placement. It’s wise to assume that Fortune 500 Companies seeking to fill occupational physician jobs aren’t likely looking for just average and ordinary. A candidate needs to “stand out”, especially in the interview.

Certain skills tactics are looked for in an interview. These interviewing skills left untold or unknown to the individual hoping to land a prime spot with a top company (think Occupational Medicine or Leading Hospital placements) can literally mean the difference in landing the job (or not) as well as pay structures for the position at hand. Whatever you do, get the inside steps before going to the interview”, Medlock concluded.

Medlock is offering a complimentary “Interviewing Strategy Session” with Nyla (live in person) to those curious enough spend five minutes of their time to learn more. You can get that no strings attached by GOING HERE NOW.

Bottom line, wise candidates seeking an edge in these professional careers around Houston, Dallas, and La Porte should consider avoiding being placed in a pool of cloudy water only hoping for the best and instead seek being matched to a good fit. That, combined with a winning interviewing strategy to stand out will likely lead to the medical career of your dreams.

Nyla can be reached at and at 806-853-5811 .

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