Meditation Talks Affirm Meditation & Mindful Practices Do Change Brain & Body

Meditation Talks' newest article talks how meditation or related mindful practice and alternatives to meditation do change the brain and body. You can view the article in full here:​

Meditation Talks has released a new article that sheds light on mindful meditation, and related practices that play out as best alternatives to meditation in case anybody hates meditation. The articles highlights how meditation and mindful practices change the brain and body of the practitioner. Readers can view the article in full here:

It is without doubt that meditation and mindful practices are getting just more and more popular today. Whatsoever more interesting is that there are already several factors that show that meditation and mindful practices change the brain and body.

“Sitting down for at least 20 mins of meditation per day, or engaging with alternative practice like knitting or coloring is proved to reduce stress and prevent risks of various diseases. Meditation and mindful practices enable the individual who practice it, to improve their well being, as well as to recharge the brain,” reads the article before it continues to provide some useful resources for people beginning meditation, to familiarize with various useful and mindful methods that could engage them.

Moreover, Meditation Talks’ article will make readers fall in love with mindfulness as it is not all about meditation. For everybody who thinks that meditation is just a waste of time, sitting around and doing nothing productive, well, the editors of Meditation Talk have the cure for that cancer. Arranging a number of methods and techniques, readers can enjoy, review, research and watch out for suggestions that can work just as good as meditation. They have highlighted even some pioneering movies like “Baraka” (1992) and “Samsara” (2011) that allow a meditative experience, as well as an opportunity for the viewer to raise their vibration to that of Earth.

“I think it is essential that we watch movies like ‘Baraka’ or ‘Samsara’. It is not always all about doing meditation. There are various methods that we need to apply in our daily lives to raise our awareness as a collective and make us conscious about glocal problems that we should pay attention to. That is also one of the reasons why we did not focused this special article on meditation only, but also provided various resources, methods and ideas that our readers can relate to and generate ideas of how they can engage themselves into a mindful experience. We are so different among each others and it is impossible that the same thing will work for all of us, hence the beauty of choice, be it classic mindful meditation, a movie, knitting or coloring,” shares Stephen, editor at Meditation Talks, whilst discussing the creation of the article.

Further on, the article agrees with experts that to meditate mindfully demands an open and receptive, nonjudgmental awareness of the present-moment experience of the person who is meditating. Moreover, that is so with repetitive actions of the likes of knitting and needlework that can push the individual into a state of relaxation, that is well, and if done on the long term, functions as meditation and changes the brain and the body. The state of mind whilst knitting is associated with beginning meditation and yoga. It is also official science and medicine that as well prove knitting can lower heart rate and blood pressure, and consequently, reduce harmful blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Last but not least, the article reflects on art therapists who state that doing artwork equals to exploring feelings, elevating to new level of self-consciousness, but also reconciling possible emotional conflicts and managing behaviors of addictions. Those are all specific results of coloring – a very popular, and one of the best alternatives to meditation, that has equal effects and to meditating on the long run.

The team of Meditation Talks is interested to further hear on how meditation and mindful practices do change the brain and the body from personal experiences of practitioners. Moreover, to explore with the audience what are really the best alternatives to meditation for all those who need something more than just doing meditation or other mindful practice. Practitioners of meditation or related alternative disciplines like knitting or coloring, are called upon to engage in the discussions and share. For other questions or topics that readers would specifically want to seek on Meditation Talks, they can contact the Meditation Talk team by visiting their official webpage:

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