Meditation Healing Frequency/Gamma Waves Video For Immune System Launched

Magic Mind Meditations, a YouTube channel founded by a hub of wellness experts and enthusiasts in New York City, has released a new video to help people boost their immune systems.

Using gamma waves, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies, the video induces a state of calm and relaxation in the body. The hour-long session is designed to help the mind and body heal, with a specific focus on cultivating improved health and wellbeing in the immune system.

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The new video coincides with the release of a recent study from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, which investigated solfege tones and other sound healing modalities on a variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments. A long-established manner of treating an array of conditions and ailments in many cultures, the study concluded that healing music has a significant positive impact on a number of key systems in the body. This includes both the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system.

As the body of research in this field continues to grow, Magic Mind Meditations wants to fuse the general state of well-being that is fostered by mindfulness practices such as meditation, with the latest developments in the phenomenon of aural healing.

As such, their latest video creates a meditative and hypnotic environment that utilizes a combination of sound healing modalities, including gamma waves, to create a complete state of inner peace and direct the body’s healing energies to the immune system.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, and especially the new Omicron variant, continuing to impact the world, Magic Mind Meditations believes that the importance of a robust and strong immune system has never been more evident.

The visuals of the video are similarly calming, featuring softly toned spheres looping across one another, a central visual current of energy running through the center of them. Focusing on these visuals enhances the cognitive and physical benefits of Magic Mind’s soundscape.

Magic Mind Meditations is a New York-based community devoted to holistic health strategies. They wholeheartedly believe in the power of sound and music healing.

A spokesperson for the channel said, “This is a music therapy channel that has been created to give complete well-being to the visitor: spiritual, emotional, mind and body.”

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