Medina MN Free Roof Inspection Renovation Replacement Service Quote

Advanced Exteriors has launched a new range of roofing services including maintenance and repairs and is offering customers in the Medina MN area a free professional roofing inspection.

Medina MN based Advanced Exteriors has launched a new roofing renovation, installation and repair service. To promote the new service, the company is currently offering customers a free professional roof inspection.

A full range of contractor services can be viewed at: Roof Replacement Medina MN

The newly launched range of affordable roofing services are aimed at homeowners in the Medina and Twin Cities area of MN. The promotional offer has been launched alongside the new service to encourage people to book a professional roof inspection.

Advanced Exteriors recommends a professional roof inspection should ideally be carried out on an annual basis or at least once a decade. The team recommend an annual inspection because some insurance providers will cover the cost of roof damage caused by high winds, hailstorms or ice issues, but only if it is reported within one year of occurrence.

A professional roof inspection is one of the most proactive measures available to homeowners. It can highlight undetected roof issues or damage that may have been caused over the winter months.

Spring presents the ideal time for homeowners and contractors to undertake roof repairs, renovations and new installations as the days are lighter and longer, and the weather conditions tend to be less extreme than the summer and winter months.

In addition, there is less moisture in the air during the spring months, which aids adhesion and bonding and helps to maintain the condition of the roofing materials.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We’ve launched the promotional free roof inspection alongside our new range of roofing services as many people don’t consider roof inspections to be a priority, but they can save time, money and serious damage.”

“Undetected roofing issues can cause leaks, which in turn can cause damp and mold – all these problems can cause long-term health issues and be costly to repair but hiring a professional roofing contractor can prevent these issues from occurring,” they added.

The professional team at Advanced Exteriors pride themselves on providing a personal service, as such, interested parties can call the owner, Chad Markus, directly on +1 763.537.5117.

Alternatively, to arrange a free roof replacement inspection or discuss your requirements, visit the website link provided above or

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